Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Next Scape Goat?


Mike Packer

I received an email from an old school friend the other day and I couldn't believe the content. I would like to take this opportunity to apply this media to answer my friend and at the same time bring this problem to the foreground before it becomes too late, again.

My friend, Peter, is an intelligent, educated (more so than me) person and it seems that he had doubts about the content and had to lay his fears to rest by forwarding it to me for my comments. The email was obviously a propaganda ploy by a person or persons unknown but most definitely antisemitic and of the more virulent variety. The email contained photographs comparing Israel and the "Palestinians" on the one hand and the Nazi regime of the 30's and 40's and Jews on the other. Israel being accused of Nazi tactics, needless to say the comparison was obscene to say the least.

Peter, antisemitism has been around for millennium ever since G-d declared the Jews were his chosen people. Believe that as you may but it is the crux of the matter and ever since then non-Jews have found one excuse after another to persecute,ridicule or blame the Jews or all the woes of mankind.

Antisemitism throughout history has been, eventually, very bloody to the detriment of my people. Whether by the Abyssinians, Romans, Greeks, Mamelukes, Arabs and many others in more recent times. Jews in the Diaspora would assimilate themselves, wherever possible, into the general population and set up their lives. On the whole they were successful and prospered bringing the wrath of the indigenous people on their heads. The Jews were always accused of stealing from the common man and making every ones life miserable, a poor excuse for killing and maiming but an excuse.

In recent times antisemitism became the realm of right wing fascism as we saw in the Nazi regime of Germany in the 1930's and 40's. They brought the "solution" to the Jewish problem to epic proportions and almost succeeded in destroying Jews for all time. Thanks to Allied intervention the "solution" did not reach its conclusion and the perpetrators received their just rewards.

Today antisemitism is no longer a right wing fascist phenomenon it has become a left wing liberal one. The only big difference is that it is not aimed at the Jews specifically but at their Nation, Israel.

The Jews in Israel are no longer the ghetto Jews of Europe, we have our own Nation where we can live our lives without fear of oppression or persecution. Or can we? Since the declaration of the State of Israel we have been in a constant battle for our existence. Within the borders of our own country we have to be on the alert ceaselessly from our neighbors even the ones who signed peace treaties with us. Our greatest friend, America, has succumbed to the hate propaganda emanating from the Arab world.

Israel has been accused of tactics reminiscent of 1940 Germany and left wingers are quick to bring pictures from dubious sources and accuse the Israel Defense Forces of gross misconduct and "war crimes" against the "Palestinians". Needless to say all these accusations are proved groundless but their damage is irreversible and friends like Peter are left wondering if its all true or not. This suspicion will always be at the back of my friend Peter's mind no matter whether I convinced him otherwise or not. There lies the problem!

Iran is on the threshold of obtaining a Nuclear weapon and will not hesitate to use it. The question is what happens after we are nuked? Will it stop there? Will radical Islam be satisfied? They will not, take my word for it. Europe is already in its death throes from the strangle hold that Islam has on it and America will be next for "change" is on its way.

So aside from the reason of being the "chosen people" for antisemitism there is also the fact that non-Jews are simply jealous. As one of the smallest peoples on Earth we have a proportionately higher contribution to mankind than any other. We created monotheism which was eventually stolen from us by both the Christian and Moslem religions which plays a large role in the problems of the world. In every generation we have produced doctors, astronomers, physicists, explorers, inventors and the list goes on and on. How many of my people have won the Nobel Prize for one thing or another?

Never fear, Peter, eventually the world will find a way to rid itself of the Jews and then what will you do? Who will invent the next generation of cell phones, computer chips, electric cars, communications equipment and avionics?

Then who will G-d choose to be the next scape goat?

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