Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Kadima Fiasco

Mike Packer

Well, so it comes to this. The Kadima party has taken the country hostage. Democracy in Israel has become a farce! Instead of resigning Olmert, an indicted felon, has decided to stay in office until Livni has had time to build a unity government (if that isn't an oxymoron, what is?). Who gave Livni the right to become Prime Minister without "We the People's" approval?

Livni is not the person capable to run this country! She has come across as a dishonest person over the last few months and, as chief negotiator between the PA and Israel, has the affront to support the partition of Jerusalem.

Mofaz is just as bad, a sore loser, and is pouting over the fact that he has lost. As a person of some responsibility, Minister of Transport, ex-Chief-of-Staff, he has shown infantile behaviour over the last few days by stating that he is quitting politics for a while. He has resigned from the government without notice, this childish tantrum just goes to show that he is not reliable enough to hold public office.

Olmert has revealed that he does not have the country's best interests at heart and has become sympathetic to the Arab cause which, in itself, is a betrayal of the Israeli population as he doesn't have their well-being on his agenda.
Just because Olmert threatened to resign as PM and relinquish his chairmanship of Kadima that doesn't mean that the next chairperson should have the right to be PM without new elections. After being reminded that he had offered 98% of Judea and Samaria to some foreign Arabs (I won't call them "Palestinians" as I consider that an insult to myself because I was born there), Olmert said, “we have to ask ourselves if losing a hill here or there is worth forfeiting the chance to achieve something.” Since 1947 we have been offering half of Israel to foreign Arabs and have got nothing back but terrorism. I say to Olmert that our efforts over the last 60 years have achieved Jack Schitt, enough is enough.

So the main problem with Israeli politics is the fact that we vote for a political party and not for individuals which, in my view, is a gross miscarriage of the Democratic process. It is time for change. We need to revamp our electoral process and put our votes behind an individual that "We the People" find appropriate to lead OUR country. Israel belongs to the Jewish people and not to some elitist group of political mafiosi that do with us what they please without having to answer for their mistakes.

Israel needs a constitution! We need to bring the power back in to "We the People's" hands. We also have to renew the criteria for citizenship. A friend of mine, Tsafrir Ronen, has put together a plan where citizenship in Israel will be based on the fact that everyone who wishes to become a citizen must pass a test and swear allegiance to the State, Jews and resident Arabs alike. Everyone's citizenship must be made renewable by an oath of allegiance once every ten years or so, like renewing a licence. Citizenship should be a privilege and not a right and should be accompanied by service in the armed forces or National Service of a similar type for those of us who's conscience prevents them from bearing arms.

So, there we have it. A bunch of sore losers, and an idiot PM who reneged on his promise to resign if he was indicted .
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