Friday, August 27, 2010

Appeasement is Defeat

By Mike Packer

New talks between Israel and the Arabs are going to start in September...or maybe not.

It all revolves around the PA's willingness to sit around the table with the Israeli Government without preconditions. This has never happened before as Israel is constantly being pressured into making concessions and receiving nothing in return if you call nothing terrorism, boycotts and phony excuses from the Arab side such as building freezes etc.

When the US Administration finally understands that appeasement is in fact defeat then maybe, just maybe, we will be able to discuss "peace".

The latest offer from the US comes in the form of two large caliber ambassadors. The first is International Atomic Energy Agency head Yukiya Amano who says that on his watch things will be different. He explains that he will not be as lenient as his predecessor and promised his inspectors would henceforth clamp down hard on Iran's nuclear activities including the Bushehr reactor. This from a UN agency that has shown that it is totally emasculated and also a part of an organization that has proved itself to be totally useless.

The second is Daniel Shapiro, Middle East Director of the National Security Council who comes with possible offers of security gifts if Israel does not attack Iran. Iran, as you all must have heard by now, has brought their first nuclear reactor online. This sounds irrelevant but has dire consequences for the land of Israel. Rusia, the supplier, insists that all the spent fuel rods will be returned to the supplier...yeh right.

Intelligence sources say that Iran has enough fissionable material to make 1-2 nuclear weapons already stockpiled. So much for the US reports that Iran is still a year or two away from producing nuclear weapons. This has all come about because of appeasement. Iran and their mad ayatollahs has finally reached the point of no return and Israel is in the proverbial cesspool!

To get back to Daniel Shapiro who has spent three days talking about the offers with Benjamin Netanyahu. Advance notice of the US offers were leaked to
former CIA officer Bruce Riedel, who is very close to President Obama, for an article he published in the influential The National Interest on Aug. 25 under the caption "If Israel Attacks." He urges the US Administration to do everything in its power to stop Israel from attacking the Bhusher reactor as he considers it would be a "catastrophe". A catastrophe for who? Israel, Iran, The US, who?
I really don't give a damn if the fallout from a bombed nuclear reactor creates a no-live zone in central Persia...they still have a few thousand square miles of desert to live in as compared to a nuclear strike on tiny Israel which will leave US nothing.

Riedel proposed four steps to strengthen Israel and give it a second strike capability:

1. The US must spread a nuclear umbrella over Israel that would entail the installation of American nuclear depots in Israel to show Tehran that a nuclear attack on the Jewish state would meet with a US nuclear response.

2. American nuclear submarines would be supplied to the Israeli Navy as the backbone of its nuclear counter-strike capability. There are two categories - ballistic missile submarines and attack submarines.

3. The Israeli Air Force would receive US F-22 Raptor stealth jets, the most sophisticated warplane in the skies today. They would be equipped with all the systems and ordnance needed to strike the Iranian nuclear program.

4. The US would arrange for Israel's full membership of NATO, so rendering an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel subject not just to US retaliation but a declaration of war by the 26-member alliance.

For this Isreal would have to avoid attacking Iran and accept the fact that nuclear weapons will shortly be in the hands of any jihadist who wants them.

Lets take each of these items one at a time and try to understand what it all means for this little country that we Jews consider home.

Item 1: a US nuclear umbrella for Israel means that American nuclear stores will be kept in Israel to warn Iran that any nuclear attack on Israel means an attack on the US. All very well but the nukes will be falling on us and not on the US 6,000 miles away.

item 2: Nuclear submarines are great. I don't know how many crew members there are in one of those leviathans but they will be the only surviving jews after the first nuclear strike on Israel. This tiny country can't absorb a nuclear strike and survive so the second strike capability means diddley squat to me and my family. It may mean something to America and certain Arab nations in and around the Persian Gulf but I don't feel like being the sacrificial lamb for them.

item 3: Nice toys but after the first Iranian strike will they be able to get off the ground?

Item 4: Joining NATO will do what exactly? Basically it means that an attack on a member nation is as if it was an attack on all 26 members of the alliance and it leaves me to wonder where Turkey will fit in or any of the other Eurabia countries who hate us anyway.

So what now? In my humble opinion a preemptive strike is our ONLY choice and let the cards fall where they may. It seems to me that the world will soon be rid of us miserable Jews just as it has always wanted to.

There will be no tears for us except for maybe a few American Yids who have not forsaken us for the Golden Cow of assimilation and appeasement.
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