Saturday, January 17, 2009

A call for unconditional surrender


Mike Packer

The IDF has restored our faith in the professionalism of its soldiers and officers. 

The way Operation Cast Lead has been managed is a reflection of the lessons learned by the military from the disasterous 2nd Lebanese fiasco and the proper implimentation of these lessons by the current CoS Gabi Ashkenazi.

IDF has pursued Hamas over the last three weeks and have not hesitated to (finally) fire on mosques, schools or UN establishments that were being used as a fire base by terrorists. The IDF has finally taken off the kid gloves and thrown International condemnation to the winds, and so it should be. We are the ONLY ones who can defend our country and have the right to do soas we see fit, International hypocrasy be damned.

But of what use is our military if the political faction of our nation throws a wrench in the cogs?

The IDF has suffered losses and wounded soldiers and expanded a lot of energy to achieve an advantage over Hamas. This vantage point was attained to allow our politicians the best possible hand to win the game. Nu? They have been trumped again.

Our "best friends", the Americans, have tried to screw us, again, by passing a UNSC resolution telling us to cease and desist forthwith. Fortunately our PM wasn't totally incompetant this time and (if the stories are true) managed to avert a disaster at the last minute and "our friend" Condi, who always has our interests at heart, was forced to abstain. 

Israel finally saw the light and chose to ignore the resolution, halleluyah! It was about time that we finally realized that the UN is a neutered body that can kiss our rear orifice. An International body that has the gall to appoint a pariah nation like Iran to the chairmanship of the UNDP cannot be taken seriously. Ban Ki Moon even had the audacity to force our PM to apologize for attacking UNRWA schools and storage depots that were being used by Hamas as fire bases. I haven't heard Hamas apologize yet but then I don't expect the UN to make such a demand.

So, back to our "illustrious" politicians who, after being handed a victory are intending to squander it away for naught. Instead of demanding from Hamas a total, unconditional surrender as befits a victor over a vanquished enemy our politicians are kowtowing to American pressure. 

It's interesting to note that in the beginning of this operation the Bush Administration was giving Israel tentative support until they realized that we were getting the upper hand and started pressuring for a UNSC resolution to end the hostilities. The Americans were taken by surprise when the IDF started chalking up successes against Hamas. The State Department was expecting a replay of the Lebanon fiasco and in a fit of rage started calling for a cease fire. 
A "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU) was signed by Tzipora Livni and "our good friend" Condi in which the US has pledged to assist Israel in preventing the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip, in providing humanitarian aid to the "poor oppressed arabs" and in ensuring that peace reigns over our little corner of the planet......yeh, right.

Tzipora Livni has again accomplished in creating the worst possible scenario for Israel in the Gaza Strip. It follows her brilliant UN coup after the 2nd Lebanon war where she was able to influence the passage of resolution 1701:



Permanent Ceasefire to Be Based on Creation

Of Buffer Zone Free of Armed Personnel Other than UN, Lebanese Force .

This resolution was a joke and Hizbollah has managed to rearm and reinforce its defenses in southern Lebanon under the noses of the UN and Lebanese army.

Tsipora Livni was so successful with 1701 that she has again done it, this time with the US instead of the UN. I have serious doubts about Condi Rice's good intentions, she has been so hostile to Israeli interests in the region that no good can come of this and I foresee Hamas rearming itself as did Hizbollah.

Israel must take the initiative here and put an end to Hamas once and for all and demand unconditional surrender. The Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has refused to allow a cease fire so maybe we should agree with him this time.
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