Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bird


Mike Packer

The "Palestinians" have finally come out into the open with their demands from the Israeli Government. They did it when Bibi Netanyahu became Prime Minister and Barak Obama became President of the USA.

This was not coincidence. Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala), the chief Arab negotiator, advertised their demands a few days before President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) went to discuss the negotiations with President Obama.

The "Palestinians" have a lot of gall to "demand" anything from Israel in the light of past negotiations. Every agreement from the infamous Oslo Accords to Annapolis and everything in between has, time and again, been broken by the Arab side and that failure has been blamed on Israel. "Illegal settlements" have been blamed for the lack of "peace" in the Middle East along with the existence of the State of Israel. This is only an excuse for the continual instances of terrorist activities which is one of the few sources of employment in Gaza and the "West Bank". The billions of dollars of foreign assistance paid to the "Palestinian" authorities has not been used for legitimate purposes such as education, health, welfare and municipal services but for the purchase of arms and terror training and to line the pockets of the so-called "political leaders".
Yet this doesn't stop the flow of monies to the PA. The inheritors of Adolf Hitlers "final solution" are now being paid by the same people that brought down the Nazi regime thus keeping it alive and well.

Akiva Eldar an Israeli correspondent for the Ha'aretz newspaper published an interview with Abu Ala on May 26 entitled "PA: Settlers can become Palestinian citizens" in which he asked Abu Ala some interesting questions:

Q: Do you insist on rejecting Netanyahu’s demand that you recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

Qureia: “Livni raised that as well and we said it was not our business. Call your state whatever you wish - democratic or non-democratic, Jewish or non-Jewish. It’s not fair to demand that we recognize you as the state of the Jewish people because that means an evacuation of the Arabs from Israel and a predetermination of refugees’ future, before the negotiations are over. Our refusal is adamant.”

Q: Five years ago Arafat said, in an interview with Haaretz, that he understands Israel is a Jewish state.

Qureia: “But he did not provide it [in writing].”

That answer is typical of Arab false promises and even if Arafat had put it down in writing it would have been worthless.

The interview goes on with:

Q: In 1988 the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized United Nations Resolution 181 [the partition plan] and that contains the term “Jewish state.”

Qureia: “Please, let us discuss Resolution 181. Livni asked me the same question and I told her ‘Please, let’s discuss implementing the entire partition plan’.”

UN resolution 181 called for the partition of what was left of the British Mandate for Palestine after the British had created the Kingdom of Jordan which they were not empowered to do under the League of Nations mandate. Resolution 181 was a recommendation by the UN and would have become a reality except for one small criteria. Both parties had to agree to the resolution and history shows that the Jewish people agreed but the Arabs didn't. This makes 181 null and void so Qureia's demand for negotiating the entire partition is 50 years too late.

Q: Do you insist on Palestinian sovereignty over Haram al-Sharif?

Qureia: “Of course. It’s the second most important place for the Muslim world.”

Haram al-Sharif is what the Arabs call the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Abu Ala's reply is astonishing to say the least...since when does the Haram al-Sharif take precedence over the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia which has always been the second most important site for Muslims. Jerusalem was for centuries a backwater town of almost no consequence and was never mentioned in the Koran and only made it to the forefront of Arab awareness in the middle of the 20th century.

So these were a few pearls from a "Palestinian" leader, nu? so what! The question is why are they suddenly so up front with what they have been denying for so long? One guess at the answer......Barak Hussein Obama. He is transmitting to the Muslim world that it is open season on Israel bashing. He is such a weak President that even Iran is giving him the bird and behind them is North Korea and behind North Korea is Pakistan and then comes Syria, Turkey and if he is not careful he might even have to deal with Vanuatu.

Obama's speech in Cairo was an insult to me and my country. When a President of the United States of America has the nerve to say:

"The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop."

then he is trying to delegitimize my country. Well, Mr. President, you can accept the bird from me too, both hands, in harmony and stereo!

For your information, Mr. President, the homeland of the Jews was a Divine gift but, unfortunately, we were banished by a conquering foe. We were returned by a unanimous act of The League of Nations in 1922 and not because of the Holocaust which you implied in your Cairo speech, that happened 20 years later. That League of Nations decision was mandated to the British Government who, illegally, partitioned it for their own interests. So Mr. P, get your facts together before you make a fool of yourself and I really don't give a hoot whether you consider the settlements legitimate or not. When we find a partner who wishes to make peace with us then we will negotiate in good faith, that partner will not be the one chosen by you or your administration but by us.

It is time, Mr. President, for you to stop flagrantly meddling in the internal affairs of my country and to start treating us like the friend and ally that we have always been.
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