Saturday, January 31, 2009

Campaign Promises and Shoals


Mike Packer

Some interesting items were gleaned from the media this week.

The first snippet is that Ehud Olmert, in secret negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, is willing to give up certain East Jerusalem neighborhoods and “The Holy Basin”.

“The Holy Basin” is a term coined during Clinton’s administration and pertains to that part of Jerusalem that contains the Holy Sites of the three major religions. In Olmert’s agreement these sites would come under the jurisdiction of some International body. Either Olmert is a fool (my second choice) or a total moron (by far my first choice) but, I guess, he doesn’t remember the days of “Jerusalem, the International City” invented by the UN. In those days the City of David was so international that Jews were denied access to pray at their most Holy site and foreign Christians were restricted in the observance of their religion.

It was reported by the Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Acharonot on its Thursday morning front page that Olmert had closed on the deal during his meeting with Obama’s special envoy Mitchell on Wednesday. The interesting thing is that the report disappeared for 24 hours after it was first published. No-one was talking, apart from an AFP article in the Philippines there was nothing, zip, nada, not even on the internet. I ask myself why would the Olmert administration put a gag order on something like this unless it’s because Ehud has committed an horrendous crime against the Jewish people and should have his name expunged from entering Paradise.

Tsipora Livni has denied knowledge (of course) and this whole debacle is starting to look like some episode of “Mission Impossible”. The good thing is that this agreement has to be signed and Olmert doesn’t have the authority to do it (I hope).

The next snippet was how Hamas has started dictating the terms of the oxymoronic “cease fire”. You have to say something for the leaders of Hamas they do have chutzpah after getting their rear ends kicked they have learned something from the movie “Taxi driver” (you talking to me? Who you talking to?”). We should quote Eli Wallach “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk”. You will have to excuse me but I find Israeli Politicians comical at the best of times and the other Ehud (Barak) tops the list. All the effort that the IDF put into Operation Cast Lead has brought us nothing but Hamas demands for open borders and more weapons.

George Mitchell an ex-senator and now Special Middle East Envoy for Barak Hussein Obama came up with the Quote of the Week: "To be successful in preventing the illicit traffic of arms into Gaza, there must be a mechanism to allow the flow of legal goods. And that should be with the participation of the Fatah-control Palestinian Authority."
Open borders to prevent smuggling, yeh, right. Who did he say should be involved? The PA? Isn’t that like asking the cat to guard the milk?

The next snippet comes from my reading Caroline Glick’s article of January 30 which I reccomend. She discusses Obama’s first week and a half in office and how he’s keeping his campaign promises. I might go a little further than Ms.Glick and say that he is revealing his true self. He is an Arabist and a capitulator. The Arabist part is no real surprise because of his family background but the capitulation is another story. Downgrading President Bush’s war on terrorism is worse than capitulation it is a surrender to Islam. It is also an insult to all those people who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks and an insult to the memory of all those who have lost their lives protecting American freedoms and values. Shame on you Mr.President, do the lives of American servicemen come as cheap as that?

His attempt to appease Iran’s Ahmadinejad was an insight in Diplomacy viv-a-vis the world of Islam. You would think that a person of Obama’s background would know how to deal with Dar-El-Islaam but, I guess, he learned nothing at his father”s knee. He is offering Iran the chance to discuss peacefully their differences and, true to form, Ahmadinejad came back with an insult over America’s show of weakness. Obama’s campaign promises about engaging Teheran in dialogue has worked only not the way Obama really wanted. This just goes to show that this administration like those before it ahs absolutely no clue on how to deal with Islamic mentality. It chooses advisers that are in Saudi pockets and are being given bad advise. If this is being done without Obama’s realization then he is not the man for the job and if it is with his knowledge than that is probably an impeachable offense.

Instead of facing the enemy Barak Hussein Obama has taken the liberal multicultural way out and has pointed the Ship of State onto the shoals of disaster for America and, by proxy, for Israel.

Israel has now become one of the very few States in the world today that has to carry the brunt of Islamic Jihad. As the Jews have been the perpetual scapegoats we have now been upgraded to guardians of democracy. It is up to us not to fail ourselves for I really don’t care a fig for America’s situation. We will have a tough time over the next four years trying to neutralize Barak Hussein Obama’s mistakes and we are going to have to find someone worthy of the task.

Good luck, America, you’re going to need it.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Election Time


Mike Packer

So the rockets are flying, again, so Israel is biding her time, again, and the gains we made in operation Cast Lead just flew out of the window, again.

What is it with the Israeli political elite that causes this mental block every time the solution jumps up and kicks them in the fanny? We are reaping the crop of total incompetence on the side of Ehud Barak, our illustrious Minister of Defence who promised the population of Israel to retaliate with excessive force any and all acts of aggression on the side of Hamas. Nuu? What do we get for the death of an IDF soldier by a roadside bomb, why, heavens to Betsy, the actual destruction of a motorbike ! Give me a break, Ehud, surely you can come up with something better than that. The guy who was riding the motorbike, one Machmad Uda Chamdan Samiri a known terror operative of the Global Jihad in Gaza, was critically injured….well, big deal. Ehud, to put it bluntly either defecate or get out of the toilet because you are in someone else’s place. With all your squirming away from a fight and wanting to give up parts of Eretz Israel you can be certain you won’t get my vote in these elections.

As for Tsipora Livni, she is again pushing for land for peace. At the sixth annual Jerusalem Conference on Wednesday night she said that Israel must give up parts of Judea and Samaria in order to preserve Israel as a Jewish state. Thanks, Tsipora, but this is MY country and I have no intention of giving any of it away to a bunch of camel jockeys who intend to destroy us, so you can be certain that you won’t get my vote these elections either. Eitan Livni, Tsipora’s father, a member of ETZEL during the war of Independence, was active in the Herut movement and a Member of Knesset in the Likud party, must be turning over in his grave over his daughters utterances and willingness to give up Eretz Israel. Tsipora also said that years of refusal to make concessions have resulted in international demands that have forced political leaders "to run for compromise." Where have you been since Oslo, Tsipora, Israel has been making concessions to our Arab enemies for years….we do not have to compromise anymore! The time for compromise went down the tubes when all our concessions were refused and sent back to us in the form of suicide bombers, kassam missiles, Grad missiles, Katyusha rockets and all the other goodies that the International Community has financed over the last few decades. But she did throw us a bone: "I know to say ahead of time what are the compromises," pointing out her opposition to Palestinian Authority demands for the right of immigration to Israel of foreign Arabs who are descendants of families who left Israel during previous wars. Well ‘good on yer’, Tsipora, I guess we have to be thankful for small mercies.

The next one in line is……….no, not Ehud Olmert, the third of the Stooges, he’s on his way out, bless him. The next one is Avigdor Lieberman, yes good old Yvette, as much as I liked him for his “in your face” attitude to Israeli Arabs (not that it makes much difference whether they are Israeli or not to Lieberman) he is turning out to be two-faced. I suppose that being two-faced is expected from a politician but when it comes to surrendering my country I draw the line. It seems that Lieberman had secret meetings with one of Yasser Arafat's key advisers about territorial concessions to the Palestinian Authority. This has been revealed by Martin Indyk, former US Ambassador to Israel, in his new book entitled "Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy,". Now that is a political bombshell, way to go, Yvette. There goes my vote again.

So now that we have eliminated three of the biggest political parties in Israel; Labor, Kadima and Israel Beitenu, what do we have left?

Likud? I don’t know, Bibi has been heard to say that he would surrender parts of Jerusalem, he was a supporter of the Gush Katif fiasco….so he’s out.

I won’t even consider any of the left wing liberal jerk offs as they would probably try to transfer me to Uganda or someplace.

I will consider any party that will have the courage to say no to the United States of America over the double standards that they are employing in their dealings with my country. To resist the pressure that is imposed on us whenever we defend ourselves against our adversaries and to insist that justice is served in the International Court of Justice when it comes to International Law pertaining to Israel.

I will consider any party that will begin proceedings for Israel’s resignation from the United Nations and the expulsion of all UN employees and organizations from Israel.

I will consider any party that considers Eretz Israel the homeland of the Jewish people (I will exclude Transjordan) as resolved by the League of Nations and their heirs.

OK, so I am dreaming, so what, but I am sure there are a lot of you out there who agree with me.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Three Stooges


Mike Packer

The IDF’s latest operation was magnificent. So what? What good did it do us when our political leaders wasted it away because of their yellow streak?

Our political leaders Ehud Olmert, Tsipora Livni and Ehud Barak or “The Three Stooges” as Emanuel A. Winston, a Mid East analyst & commentator so eloquently called them blew our military success into the wind. They were too wimpy to follow it to its logical end and blast Hamas back into the middle ages.
. The pictures of Ismail Haniyeh during the latest Gaza operation transmitted from his bolt hole were a sight for sore eyes. Bags under his eyes, pale and looking very tired as compared to the pictures of him on the day that the Three Stooges declared a unilateral cease fire where he looked like he had just received a new lease on life. We could see that the operation was affecting him psychologically and had we continued we would have defeated him and his cohorts completely. But NO, Ehud Barak went back to his usual self running from the enemy. How this man became the most decorated soldier in the IDF is beyond me.

My hypothesis is that the man thinks only of himself and his grandiose political dreams. He has yet to realize that he has a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming the Prime Minister of Israel again.

I used to be a Labor Party supporter but that changed when Ehud Barak was voted as the leader of that party. I have become a right wing supporter and never have I realized just how correct my decision was until now.

The unilateral cease fire was a political decision so that the Three Stooges would look good in the eyes of the International Community and payment of lip service to the new American administration and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. The good of our nation has become a second line priority to the aspirations of at least two of the Three Stooges as Ehud Olmert disappears into oblivion.

Never has there been a better time to push for Israel to become a Constitutional Democracy. We must start voting for individuals who will answer to We The People and not to some cockamamie political party whose members think only of the leather chairs that they will sit in when elected to the Knesset. It is time to bring the Government of our nation under the control of the people.

The Gaza operation was the most popular IDF operation in recent history and had the support of the majority of the population of Israel yet it never came close to its intended goals, the release of Gilad Shalit and the destruction of the Hamas power base in the Gaza Strip all because of the impending elections in Israel and the inauguration of Barak Hussein Obama.

Well, at least the Three Stooges will be put away on the back burner (for good, I hope) in the upcoming elections and maybe, maybe we will get a Government that will stand against International Community and American pressure……and I pray that it won’t be just a pipe dream.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A call for unconditional surrender


Mike Packer

The IDF has restored our faith in the professionalism of its soldiers and officers. 

The way Operation Cast Lead has been managed is a reflection of the lessons learned by the military from the disasterous 2nd Lebanese fiasco and the proper implimentation of these lessons by the current CoS Gabi Ashkenazi.

IDF has pursued Hamas over the last three weeks and have not hesitated to (finally) fire on mosques, schools or UN establishments that were being used as a fire base by terrorists. The IDF has finally taken off the kid gloves and thrown International condemnation to the winds, and so it should be. We are the ONLY ones who can defend our country and have the right to do soas we see fit, International hypocrasy be damned.

But of what use is our military if the political faction of our nation throws a wrench in the cogs?

The IDF has suffered losses and wounded soldiers and expanded a lot of energy to achieve an advantage over Hamas. This vantage point was attained to allow our politicians the best possible hand to win the game. Nu? They have been trumped again.

Our "best friends", the Americans, have tried to screw us, again, by passing a UNSC resolution telling us to cease and desist forthwith. Fortunately our PM wasn't totally incompetant this time and (if the stories are true) managed to avert a disaster at the last minute and "our friend" Condi, who always has our interests at heart, was forced to abstain. 

Israel finally saw the light and chose to ignore the resolution, halleluyah! It was about time that we finally realized that the UN is a neutered body that can kiss our rear orifice. An International body that has the gall to appoint a pariah nation like Iran to the chairmanship of the UNDP cannot be taken seriously. Ban Ki Moon even had the audacity to force our PM to apologize for attacking UNRWA schools and storage depots that were being used by Hamas as fire bases. I haven't heard Hamas apologize yet but then I don't expect the UN to make such a demand.

So, back to our "illustrious" politicians who, after being handed a victory are intending to squander it away for naught. Instead of demanding from Hamas a total, unconditional surrender as befits a victor over a vanquished enemy our politicians are kowtowing to American pressure. 

It's interesting to note that in the beginning of this operation the Bush Administration was giving Israel tentative support until they realized that we were getting the upper hand and started pressuring for a UNSC resolution to end the hostilities. The Americans were taken by surprise when the IDF started chalking up successes against Hamas. The State Department was expecting a replay of the Lebanon fiasco and in a fit of rage started calling for a cease fire. 
A "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU) was signed by Tzipora Livni and "our good friend" Condi in which the US has pledged to assist Israel in preventing the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip, in providing humanitarian aid to the "poor oppressed arabs" and in ensuring that peace reigns over our little corner of the planet......yeh, right.

Tzipora Livni has again accomplished in creating the worst possible scenario for Israel in the Gaza Strip. It follows her brilliant UN coup after the 2nd Lebanon war where she was able to influence the passage of resolution 1701:



Permanent Ceasefire to Be Based on Creation

Of Buffer Zone Free of Armed Personnel Other than UN, Lebanese Force .

This resolution was a joke and Hizbollah has managed to rearm and reinforce its defenses in southern Lebanon under the noses of the UN and Lebanese army.

Tsipora Livni was so successful with 1701 that she has again done it, this time with the US instead of the UN. I have serious doubts about Condi Rice's good intentions, she has been so hostile to Israeli interests in the region that no good can come of this and I foresee Hamas rearming itself as did Hizbollah.

Israel must take the initiative here and put an end to Hamas once and for all and demand unconditional surrender. The Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has refused to allow a cease fire so maybe we should agree with him this time.
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