Saturday, January 31, 2009

Campaign Promises and Shoals


Mike Packer

Some interesting items were gleaned from the media this week.

The first snippet is that Ehud Olmert, in secret negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, is willing to give up certain East Jerusalem neighborhoods and “The Holy Basin”.

“The Holy Basin” is a term coined during Clinton’s administration and pertains to that part of Jerusalem that contains the Holy Sites of the three major religions. In Olmert’s agreement these sites would come under the jurisdiction of some International body. Either Olmert is a fool (my second choice) or a total moron (by far my first choice) but, I guess, he doesn’t remember the days of “Jerusalem, the International City” invented by the UN. In those days the City of David was so international that Jews were denied access to pray at their most Holy site and foreign Christians were restricted in the observance of their religion.

It was reported by the Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Acharonot on its Thursday morning front page that Olmert had closed on the deal during his meeting with Obama’s special envoy Mitchell on Wednesday. The interesting thing is that the report disappeared for 24 hours after it was first published. No-one was talking, apart from an AFP article in the Philippines there was nothing, zip, nada, not even on the internet. I ask myself why would the Olmert administration put a gag order on something like this unless it’s because Ehud has committed an horrendous crime against the Jewish people and should have his name expunged from entering Paradise.

Tsipora Livni has denied knowledge (of course) and this whole debacle is starting to look like some episode of “Mission Impossible”. The good thing is that this agreement has to be signed and Olmert doesn’t have the authority to do it (I hope).

The next snippet was how Hamas has started dictating the terms of the oxymoronic “cease fire”. You have to say something for the leaders of Hamas they do have chutzpah after getting their rear ends kicked they have learned something from the movie “Taxi driver” (you talking to me? Who you talking to?”). We should quote Eli Wallach “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk”. You will have to excuse me but I find Israeli Politicians comical at the best of times and the other Ehud (Barak) tops the list. All the effort that the IDF put into Operation Cast Lead has brought us nothing but Hamas demands for open borders and more weapons.

George Mitchell an ex-senator and now Special Middle East Envoy for Barak Hussein Obama came up with the Quote of the Week: "To be successful in preventing the illicit traffic of arms into Gaza, there must be a mechanism to allow the flow of legal goods. And that should be with the participation of the Fatah-control Palestinian Authority."
Open borders to prevent smuggling, yeh, right. Who did he say should be involved? The PA? Isn’t that like asking the cat to guard the milk?

The next snippet comes from my reading Caroline Glick’s article of January 30 which I reccomend. She discusses Obama’s first week and a half in office and how he’s keeping his campaign promises. I might go a little further than Ms.Glick and say that he is revealing his true self. He is an Arabist and a capitulator. The Arabist part is no real surprise because of his family background but the capitulation is another story. Downgrading President Bush’s war on terrorism is worse than capitulation it is a surrender to Islam. It is also an insult to all those people who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks and an insult to the memory of all those who have lost their lives protecting American freedoms and values. Shame on you Mr.President, do the lives of American servicemen come as cheap as that?

His attempt to appease Iran’s Ahmadinejad was an insight in Diplomacy viv-a-vis the world of Islam. You would think that a person of Obama’s background would know how to deal with Dar-El-Islaam but, I guess, he learned nothing at his father”s knee. He is offering Iran the chance to discuss peacefully their differences and, true to form, Ahmadinejad came back with an insult over America’s show of weakness. Obama’s campaign promises about engaging Teheran in dialogue has worked only not the way Obama really wanted. This just goes to show that this administration like those before it ahs absolutely no clue on how to deal with Islamic mentality. It chooses advisers that are in Saudi pockets and are being given bad advise. If this is being done without Obama’s realization then he is not the man for the job and if it is with his knowledge than that is probably an impeachable offense.

Instead of facing the enemy Barak Hussein Obama has taken the liberal multicultural way out and has pointed the Ship of State onto the shoals of disaster for America and, by proxy, for Israel.

Israel has now become one of the very few States in the world today that has to carry the brunt of Islamic Jihad. As the Jews have been the perpetual scapegoats we have now been upgraded to guardians of democracy. It is up to us not to fail ourselves for I really don’t care a fig for America’s situation. We will have a tough time over the next four years trying to neutralize Barak Hussein Obama’s mistakes and we are going to have to find someone worthy of the task.

Good luck, America, you’re going to need it.

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