Friday, February 6, 2009

Aid? What Aid?

Mike Packer

“The poor oppressed “Palestinians”” are a bunch of whining crooks and Hamas is the Mafia of the Middle East.

Tons of humanitarian aid has been stolen from UNRWA by the Hamas police and the International Community has yet to voice its displeasure and censure Hamas.

In fact the eternal scapegoat, Israel, is being blamed for the lack of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Chief John Holmes has, I must add here, rebuked Hamas in one incident of “cynical" use of civilian facilities during recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip as reported in the Haaretz newspaper of January 29, 2009. Holmes goes on say that Hamas must not interfere with the movement of humanitarian supplies and urged Israel to reopen the border crossings to allow large quantities of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. "Israel has a particular responsibility as the occupying power in this context, because of its control of Gaza's borders with Israel, to respect the relevant provisions of international humanitarian law," he said.
The question to be asked here is ‘why on earth should we provide aid that will be stolen and sold by Hamas to fill their coffers so they can buy more weapons?” We are not an occupying power in the Gaza Strip and haven’t been for a number of years. We are under no obligation to conduct any commercial business with the Hamas regime. Even Egypt has had enough of them and has decided to close her border at Rafah and the International Community has yet to censure Cairo.

Tsipora Livni our Foreign Minister, who so gleefully signed a Memorandum with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, should be hiding her head in shame. That MoI was intended to try and curb the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip, too bad it wasn’t printed on absorbent paper so President Obama could use it in the Oval Office john. The very first incident of attempted smuggling was a fiasco. A Cyprus flagged merchant ship sailing out of Bandar Abbas in Iran was apprehended by the US Navy and searched. It was found to be carrying arms destined for the Gaza Strip and the ship was then promptly escorted to, eventually, Cyprus where the arms have been unloaded and are awaiting a decision of the UN Security Council as to their final destination. The Israeli Navy was prevented from confiscating the arms by the US Navy for fear that the incident might anger the Iranians.

Where is the International Community (IC) that rushed to condemn Israel for not providing humanitarian aid? Where are the American promises covered by the MoI?

The time has come for Israel to elect a right wing government. No matter what we do we come under fire from all sides so it is time to think about ourselves and not about what the IC will say because it doesn’t matter one iota. The IC has fallen to islamofacism and is no longer a worthwhile partner in any political arena. The US of A is going the same way when the agreements they sign aren’t worth the paper that they are written on and are broken before the ink even dries. The two-state solution is a pipe-dream invented by some cockamamie State Department jerk off and pushed on Israel whose left wing government of the time accepted.

Enough is enough, JUDEA and Samaria belong to Israel, by International Law, and if the Arabs who live there don’t like it then they can leave. I am sure there are many Arab nations in the Middle East who would be more than willing to accept a few hundred thousand poor, oppressed, brother Arabs from the Holy Land. No? Then how about Eurabia there is plenty of room in Holland and Britain and they believe in Sharia law.
No? How about Venezuela they like the Arabs there.

I, personally, refuse to have them in MY country if they refuse to swear allegiance.
I, personally, refuse to have them in MY country as long as they adhere to the idea of Jewish Genocide.
I, personally, refuse to host ANY of my enemies in MY country.

Now before some Human Rights committee starts ragging me about being racist I would like to bring their attention to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish citizens of Arab nations that were forced to leave their countries of origin in 1948 and nobody raised a finger to assist them except their own brethren. No one even raised a voice in their aid and it wasn’t until 2008 that the UN even cared to discuss them.

So let Saudi Arabia and their ill gained petro dollars do something about “Humanitarian Aid”, I am sure the so-called “Palestinians” would make good destruction workers, explosives experts and tunnel diggers as they have had years of experience and would be an asset to any Muslim country.
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