Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time is short

Mike Packer

We are running out of time. Our politicians consider that it is in Israel's best interests to have "political stability" rather than security stability. In that light we have Kadima/Labor/Shas all discussing who should sit where, how much money their kids should get and whether it is appropriate to have a "unity coalition" or not.

Livni considers herself to be the next PM after she was elected to head the Kadima party by a "majority" of about 20,000 Kadima voters. I wonder if the "majority" of the population feels the same way. I think not. The latest election for PM is a travesty of democracy and comes at a time when Israel needs it the least. Livni has shown that she is not as "clean" as her previous image. The underhanded Kadima election is fraught with accusations of election fraud and the results are being contested in the courts. Shaul Mofaz is still having a temper tantrum and is lying in a corner somewhere kicking and screaming. Barak is trying to make deals like Eli Yishai of Shas.....and Israel is going to hell in a hand basket.

Ahmadinejad has raised the spectres of the "Elders of Zion" and has brought the Jewish people back to the 1930's. Our politicians (and in the forefront is our Defense Minister) are too busy lining their nests to worry about the existential threat from Iran which is racing ahead with it's nuclear enrichment program. The US administration is useless at the moment apart from the fact that Bush won't support destroying Iran's nuclear facilities.

Ahmadinejad's UN speech left no doubt that Iran will destroy Israel at the first opportunity and received a nice round of applause from the leaders of the International Community at the UN. He will, undoubtedly, receive a permanent seat on the UN Security Council as a prize for his intentions.

Gavriela Shalev, Israel's new UN ambassador, in an interview on Army Radio had the hutzpah to say that the world leaders were just being "diplomatic". She went on to defend the UN and believed her duty was not only to defend Israel against the UN but to defend the UN against Israel. How did this woman become a UN ambassador for Israel? The UN has become the world centre for Israel bashing and our "ambassador" feels that she has the duty to defend the UN, is this the instruction she got from the foreign ministry under Tsippy Livni who is to become our next PM?

We do not need "political stability" right now. We need a government that will place Israel's security at the forefront of its plans. Therefore, we need elections now. Elections will bring down Tsippy Livni's attempts to run our country without a mandate, it will (hopefully) get rid of Ehud Barak from the government and put the choice of the country's leadership back into the hands of those who SHOULD decide....the people.

New elections will not be forgiving to the likes of Ehud Barak who has done nothing to revitalize Israel's capabilities of deterrence and nothing to punish the Hamas regime for the rockets that are still landing in Israel despite the "cease fire".

New elections will bring in, almost certainly, Bibi Netanyahu who has on numerous occasions declared that he is against a two state solution and returning the Golan Heights. It is time that the Israeli left should come to the conclusion that peace with the PA is like flogging a dead horse, they are simply not interested in the existence of Israel.

Nor is Iran interested in a two state solution, their nuclear plans will make certain that both the Jews and the "Palestinians" will cease to be a problem..
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