Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Waste of Time


Mike Packer

Olmert has failed to convince the PA to accept Israel's latest concessions.

Nu, so what's new? Every proposal since 1948 has been rejected. What makes this one any different, or the next one, or the one after that. I just can't figure it out, either I am a total genius (which I sincerely doubt) because I have come to the conclusion that there is no-one to talk to on the "palestinian" side, or all our governments since independance have been total morons (which is more likely the case).

How many times must the hammer fall on your head before you put on a hard hat. Well, it is hard hat time!

The PA rejection was over the status of Jerusalem and the "right of return" of the 1948 Arab refugees and their descendents. Well, here's some news for the PA...tough shit, guys, it ain't gonna happen. It is time for the PA to start making concessions like recognizing the rightful existence of Israel in the traditional homeland of the Jewish people and with Jerusalem as its eternal capital. Enough of the hogwash about Jerusalem being an Arab city, it never was and with our help never will be.

The PA has been pushing the claim that Jerusalem was not the centre of Judaism and nor was the Temple Mount the site of our temple. The "palestinians" have never had a claim over Jerusalem until the last decade or so both spiritually or archeologically. Their claim that Mohammed rose to heaven from Mt. Moriah after racing from Mecca overnight on Al-Buraq is merely legend. The Holy city is not mentioned even once in the Qur'an and they pray with their backs to the Holy City (OK, depends where in the world you are).

Islam, in fact, when it mentions Jerusalem does so with Jewish connotations. For example, the religious code of ethics and behaviour known as Hadith believed by moslems to have been passed down through Mohammed, Jerusalem is mentioned as "Bayit al-Makdis" which is the Arab translation of the Hebrew "Beit HaMigdash" meaning the temple.

Since 2005, when the Moslem Waqf (religious council) started constructing a mosque in the Solomon's stable area of the temple mount, up until August 2008 numerous artifacts have been uncovered by Israeli archeologists at a dump for the construction waste. Some of these artifacts date back as much as 2500 years to the era when Babylonians destroyed the first temple. All these artifacts have Jewish names or motifs and, needless to say, Mohammed or the Moslems were not mentioned.

So, where does this all bring us? Well, our new candidate for PM, Tzippy Livni, is willing to give up almost 50% of the Land of Israel and parts of Jerusalem, just like her buddy Olmert. The people of Israel's tax money is again to be wasted on futile attempts to appease the International Community by creating a "palestinian" state who's only claim to fame will be the attempt to destroy Israel and undoubtedly perish in that attempt.

The other thing Livni won't do is deal with Iran. She doesn't know how and the people around her are as equally ignorant. We need someone who will attack Iran, hammer its nuclear capabilities into dust and then say "Hamas and Hizbullah! you're next". Unfortunately, I can't see anyone in the near political future with the fortitude to do it.....unless Bibi......
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time is short

Mike Packer

We are running out of time. Our politicians consider that it is in Israel's best interests to have "political stability" rather than security stability. In that light we have Kadima/Labor/Shas all discussing who should sit where, how much money their kids should get and whether it is appropriate to have a "unity coalition" or not.

Livni considers herself to be the next PM after she was elected to head the Kadima party by a "majority" of about 20,000 Kadima voters. I wonder if the "majority" of the population feels the same way. I think not. The latest election for PM is a travesty of democracy and comes at a time when Israel needs it the least. Livni has shown that she is not as "clean" as her previous image. The underhanded Kadima election is fraught with accusations of election fraud and the results are being contested in the courts. Shaul Mofaz is still having a temper tantrum and is lying in a corner somewhere kicking and screaming. Barak is trying to make deals like Eli Yishai of Shas.....and Israel is going to hell in a hand basket.

Ahmadinejad has raised the spectres of the "Elders of Zion" and has brought the Jewish people back to the 1930's. Our politicians (and in the forefront is our Defense Minister) are too busy lining their nests to worry about the existential threat from Iran which is racing ahead with it's nuclear enrichment program. The US administration is useless at the moment apart from the fact that Bush won't support destroying Iran's nuclear facilities.

Ahmadinejad's UN speech left no doubt that Iran will destroy Israel at the first opportunity and received a nice round of applause from the leaders of the International Community at the UN. He will, undoubtedly, receive a permanent seat on the UN Security Council as a prize for his intentions.

Gavriela Shalev, Israel's new UN ambassador, in an interview on Army Radio had the hutzpah to say that the world leaders were just being "diplomatic". She went on to defend the UN and believed her duty was not only to defend Israel against the UN but to defend the UN against Israel. How did this woman become a UN ambassador for Israel? The UN has become the world centre for Israel bashing and our "ambassador" feels that she has the duty to defend the UN, is this the instruction she got from the foreign ministry under Tsippy Livni who is to become our next PM?

We do not need "political stability" right now. We need a government that will place Israel's security at the forefront of its plans. Therefore, we need elections now. Elections will bring down Tsippy Livni's attempts to run our country without a mandate, it will (hopefully) get rid of Ehud Barak from the government and put the choice of the country's leadership back into the hands of those who SHOULD decide....the people.

New elections will not be forgiving to the likes of Ehud Barak who has done nothing to revitalize Israel's capabilities of deterrence and nothing to punish the Hamas regime for the rockets that are still landing in Israel despite the "cease fire".

New elections will bring in, almost certainly, Bibi Netanyahu who has on numerous occasions declared that he is against a two state solution and returning the Golan Heights. It is time that the Israeli left should come to the conclusion that peace with the PA is like flogging a dead horse, they are simply not interested in the existence of Israel.

Nor is Iran interested in a two state solution, their nuclear plans will make certain that both the Jews and the "Palestinians" will cease to be a problem..
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Kadima Fiasco

Mike Packer

Well, so it comes to this. The Kadima party has taken the country hostage. Democracy in Israel has become a farce! Instead of resigning Olmert, an indicted felon, has decided to stay in office until Livni has had time to build a unity government (if that isn't an oxymoron, what is?). Who gave Livni the right to become Prime Minister without "We the People's" approval?

Livni is not the person capable to run this country! She has come across as a dishonest person over the last few months and, as chief negotiator between the PA and Israel, has the affront to support the partition of Jerusalem.

Mofaz is just as bad, a sore loser, and is pouting over the fact that he has lost. As a person of some responsibility, Minister of Transport, ex-Chief-of-Staff, he has shown infantile behaviour over the last few days by stating that he is quitting politics for a while. He has resigned from the government without notice, this childish tantrum just goes to show that he is not reliable enough to hold public office.

Olmert has revealed that he does not have the country's best interests at heart and has become sympathetic to the Arab cause which, in itself, is a betrayal of the Israeli population as he doesn't have their well-being on his agenda.
Just because Olmert threatened to resign as PM and relinquish his chairmanship of Kadima that doesn't mean that the next chairperson should have the right to be PM without new elections. After being reminded that he had offered 98% of Judea and Samaria to some foreign Arabs (I won't call them "Palestinians" as I consider that an insult to myself because I was born there), Olmert said, “we have to ask ourselves if losing a hill here or there is worth forfeiting the chance to achieve something.” Since 1947 we have been offering half of Israel to foreign Arabs and have got nothing back but terrorism. I say to Olmert that our efforts over the last 60 years have achieved Jack Schitt, enough is enough.

So the main problem with Israeli politics is the fact that we vote for a political party and not for individuals which, in my view, is a gross miscarriage of the Democratic process. It is time for change. We need to revamp our electoral process and put our votes behind an individual that "We the People" find appropriate to lead OUR country. Israel belongs to the Jewish people and not to some elitist group of political mafiosi that do with us what they please without having to answer for their mistakes.

Israel needs a constitution! We need to bring the power back in to "We the People's" hands. We also have to renew the criteria for citizenship. A friend of mine, Tsafrir Ronen, has put together a plan where citizenship in Israel will be based on the fact that everyone who wishes to become a citizen must pass a test and swear allegiance to the State, Jews and resident Arabs alike. Everyone's citizenship must be made renewable by an oath of allegiance once every ten years or so, like renewing a licence. Citizenship should be a privilege and not a right and should be accompanied by service in the armed forces or National Service of a similar type for those of us who's conscience prevents them from bearing arms.

So, there we have it. A bunch of sore losers, and an idiot PM who reneged on his promise to resign if he was indicted .
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

False promises and Empty threats

Mike Packer

Again the impotent Israeli Government (IG) has pulled another coup.

A small flotilla of ships sailed from Cyprus to Gaza under the guise of a "peace movement", they managed to break the through the Israeli blockade and reached shore where they were greeted by representatives of the Hamas regime. Again Israel has egg on her face due to the inaction of the IG and the Minister of Defense. How much longer must we abide with this mockery of a government and a criminal PM? How much longer must we abide this Defense Minister whose only claim to recent fame is his toothless bark?

The IG policy of doing nothing and not replying to attacks from Gaza and the debacle of Lebanon II has eroded our standing in the International community. European countries are now wooing Arab states, Egypt is signing a treaty with Hamas, The United States has sent the SoS to the Middle East countless times in futile attempts to bring "peace" to an area that is not interested in American interferance. All this because of false promises and empty threats. Promises of "peace in our time" and threats of removing Hamas from power, all given by a government that has no intention of following through.

The Europeans have given up on us there is nothing for them here to waste their time over and oil is more important to them. They have come to the realization that the last bastion between them and radical Isalm is becoming a paper tiger and they are deserting like rats from a sinking ship. Egypt is wooing Hamas because they have come to the realization that Israel no longer has the desire to protect Egypts northern border.

The amount of arms and ammunition being smuggled in through the Sinai border in violation of all the agreements between Isarel and Egypt is finally toppling the balance of power. The same goes for our northern border in violation of UN resolution 1701 and with the deafening silence of the International community. All this because of empty threats and a useless IG.

Our latest offer to the PA has been rejected and Olmert has the nerve to offer more even though he is on his way out. So why even bother with them, enough is enough, Oslo is dead! It is time for more assertive action if we are to survive and the current IG is not up to the job and never will be. The Kadima party with whoever is at its head at the end of this month should be relegated to the back benches of the opposition and laid to rest.

The days of left wing liberalism and pseudo "peace movements" are is time for a different tack.
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UAV Fiasco

Mike Packer

My friend David M. at the moment residing in sunny Florida, sent me an email in which he noted his concern over a DEBKAfile post of Sept.5 which reported of a raid by Russian Special Forces on two Georgian airfields which were, supposedly, being used by Israeli forces. Tibilisi has allowed Israel to use the airfields as bases for a potential strike against Iran and US intelligence sources have also reported that the Russians had captured some Israeli equipment and carried it home.

The bases were purported to have been used by Israel to fly UAV's over Russia and into Iran. If the equipment that the Russians captured included sensitive Israeli UAV technology then we can bet our bottom dollar that it will soon be in the hands of the Arab nations. This will cause irreparable security damage to Israel and the question that needs to be asked is "who issued permission for these UAV's to be based in such a high risk area?"

According to all the reports that came out of Georgia in the recent flareup the Israeli personnel in the area were from private security companies. This being the case then it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that those crews had their own well-being in the forefront of their thoughts and didn't care a fig for the sensitive equipment that they abandoned.

Of course, this is all speculation but I feel there is a grain of truth in it. I can also imagine who these Israeli "mercenaries" are. Like all mercenaries their only thought is for the money and to hell with the consequences, it reminds me of the then Belgian Congo in the sixties when mercenaries from all over the world gathered like vultures to pillage and plunder what was left during the civil war there. They were, on the whole, the dregs of humanity who had no love for human life and came out of darkest Africa with a fortune in their pockets and mayhem in their wake.

I sincerely hope that the personnel from Israeli security companies that operated in Georgia were of a different mettle, but I have my doubts. To get back to who was responsible they should be brought before a civil court in Israel and be prosecuted for leaking sensitive information to an enemy and as they were there with tacit permission of the Israeli Ministry of Defense then Ehud Barak should also answer for this fiasco. Read more!