Friday, August 28, 2009

Jordan's purge


Mike Packer

Debkafile has a new post today (here) about King Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He has decided to purge his army and government of "Palestinians". This is surely a sign that he is very afraid of the "Palestinian" element in his country where they constitute over 50% of the total population.

In my opinion this is just another form of pressure on Israel to create a second "Palestinian" state in the Middle East, the first being the Kingdom of Jordan itself. It is apparent that the Arab strategy is to force the International Community to believe that the "Palestinians" have nowhere to go which is very far from the truth as most "Palestinians" are originally from the states in the area neighboring Israel such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and as far away as Morocco and Algeria. Abdullah's attempt to keep the "Palestinians" as perpetual "refugees" is just a continuation of the status quo that started in the 1930's and continues to this day. Not only has he decided to purge the army and government but he has decided to rescind the Jordanian citizenship that was granted to the "Palestinians" that moved to Jordan since 1948.

Israel must reconsider its "peace" treaty with Jordan and take steps in deporting all Jordanian citizens from land under Israeli jurisdiction. Maybe this threat will change Abdullah's mind, although I doubt it, and put the pressure on this upstart king into accepting the fact that his country was created for the specific purpose of ensuring a state for the population that was there at the time of the formation of the Hashemite Kingdom and not only for the population of Beduins that the Hashemites imported to bolster their kingdom.

Its about time that Abdullah realized that his Kingdom is still in existence only because Israel has always been there to protect it as it did with his father and the formation of a "Palestinian" state in the "West Bank" is his worst nightmare. Read more!

Thursday, August 13, 2009



Mike Packer

I was perusing the JP online edition the other day when an article caught my attention.My blood pressure probably rose by about 20 points necessitating the swallowing of a pill to rectify the situation. This brought on a great desire to write this essay.

I am a British citizen by birthright and have experienced British ineptitude in a number of countries spanning two continents. This instance was the last straw.

The British have a lot of damn gall to meddle in other peoples affairs and I accuse their governments for the ills that curse Africa, the Middle East, The Indian sub-continent and everywhere else that they have had their dirty little fingers. Take my former country of abode, Zimbabwe, as an example.

The white population of that former British colony took matters into their own hands when Britain tried to force black majority rule. They declared unilateral independence and tried to stave off what eventually occurred. Britain forced International economic sanctions on the government of Rhodesia and supported the terrorist organization run by the Marxist extremist Robert Mugabe. Mugabe eventually became the President of what became Zimbabwe and proceeded to destroy the country economically. Today with the highest inflation of any country in the world the worst health of any country in Africa, Zimbabwe is the legacy of British stupidity and is in dire straits unless it is rescued and preferably not by Britain.

Now take my present country of abode, Israel:

In the early 1920's the League of Nations, in good faith, awarded the British government (HMG) the Mandate for Palestine “Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.”. The British accepted that mandate and proceeded to violate its purpose almost from the outset.

Article 6 of the Mandate reads:

"The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes."

The British proceeded to apply a quota on Jewish immigration in violation of the Mandate but, surprisingly, Arab immigration grew in leaps and bounds. From 1922 to 1944 the Jewish population grew from 83,000 to 553,000 while the Arab population increased from 670,000 to 1.2 million. The British government explained the Arab increase to "natural" about rabbits! I defy any nation to increase its population 100% by "natural" means in 20 years!

In further obscene violation of the Mandate Britain gave 75% of Palestine to the Hashemite family with total disregard of Article 5:

"The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power."

This was, perhaps, a boon to the fledgling Jewish State as the majority of the population of what became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was, in fact, "Palestinian" thus making the claim for a "two state solution" to the Arab/Israeli conflict just another excuse to torment Israel and Israelis.

During the period 1922-1947 hardly a word was heard from the League of Nations or its inheritor the United Nations over Britain's blatant violations.

I accuse HMG as an accessory before and after the fact of the Holocaust and a direct contributor in the deaths of millions of our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters who perished in the Nazi camps because HMG refused to allow them to immigrate into the Jewish homeland as mandated by the International community of 1922. HMG proved to be as virulently antisemitic as the Nazi government of the 1930's and 40's and was aided and abetted by the Arab world and particularly by the forefathers of the "Palestinian" people led by the British appointed Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini.

When the time came for HMG to abandon the Mandate and run with their tails between their legs they added insult to injury by handing over many strategic positions in the country to the Arabs. During the war of Independence in 1948 the immigrants that finally arrived in the Jewish homeland were being conscripted into the army the minute they stepped foot on Israeli soil. They went willingly and not a few to their deaths within 24 hours of arrival. All this in the shadow of the Holocaust and after living in "displaced persons" camps in the aftermath of the second world war.

So, I say to HMG; get your dirty little noses out of our business, we will build houses for Jews anywhere we want in the area that was returned to us after 2000 years of abandonment. None of your nefarious machinations will prevent it and your flagrant interferance in our internal affairs is an insult to the memory of all those millions that you, so willingly, aided in their demise.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oppressed Majority

Mike Packer

My post this week is a change from my usual efforts in explaining and trying to find a meaning to the Arab/Israel conflict. Today I wish to address a civil problem that is plaguing certain areas of my country.

It is the problem of agricultural theft perpetrated, in most cases, by the Arab citizens of Israel. I would like to start by narrating to you, dear reader, two anecdotes as a background.

. The first one is personal and occurred when I was the security coordinator on the kibbutz that I live on. The security coordinator on our kibbutzim is, in comparison to small towns in rural America, the local sheriff and in accordance with the job is a member of the Border Police which is a branch of the regular Police force. The job is not full time as the incidence of crime perpetrated by kibbutz members on kibbutzim is virtually nil (zero cases in the seven years that I served) so my duties were limited to nightly patrols in the immediate area in a Police jeep accompanied by uniformed volunteers.

The area I live in is called the Jezreel Valley and is considered to be the bread basket of Israel. Apart from the usual field crops we have a large area of aquaculture where the kibbutzim in the area raise fish in intensive ponds for market.

On one particular night around 1 a.m we were surprised to see a van leaving through a gate surrounding one of the ponds in the area, finding this suspicious we gave chase in our jeep with lights flashing and sirens wailing. It took about ten minutes for the vehicle we were chasing to eventually come to a halt and in the course of the chase we could see equipment being thrown out of the windows of the van. On stopping we approached the vehicle in a calm fashion and asked the driver to open the rear of the van. He refused but we insisted that it was our right to inspect his vehicle and it would be worth his while to accommodate us. He eventually relented and walked around to the back of the vehicle, opened the door and removed a wheel wrench from a cargo pocket on the side and turned to attack me with it. A punch to the nose persuaded him to desist and he was duly arrested with his companions.

As an aside I would like to mention that the price of fish on the market in Israel (depending on the fish) for St. Peters fish, which is a local delicacy and one of the cheaper fish, is about NIS20 per kilo (about 5 bucks). The ponds can hold at harvest time about three to five tons of fish depending on the size of the pond. So the average heist in one nights work for a crew of 3 to 4 perpetrators could be in the region of a ton of fish. Not a bad nights work with a profit of 10-15000 shekels.

After arresting the suspects we walked back along the road and picked up the equipment that was strewn along the road shoulders. This was an assortment of catch nets and rubber boots which we loaded back into the truck and proceeded to accompany our suspects to the local Police station for booking.

Entering the Police station I (as arresting officer) approached the desk sergeant to make my report when the leader of the suspects started shouting at me that my life was now worthless and proceeded to threaten my death. He was immediately locked into one of the cells and the desk sergeant added the threat to the report.

The next day I was called to the regional commanders office and informed that my suspects had been released by the courts with the excuse that there was a "lack of public interest" in the case. I was surprised and asked about the threat to my life, a felony crime in Israel as I was a Policeman. He told me the judge threw it out of court because of "Police brutality" after I had struck the suspect with the wheel wrench in self defense. Needless to say I resigned from the force.

The perpetrators went on to a long life of arrests and releases. They were Arabs who lived in the area.

The second anecdote happened in one of our neighboring settlements that raises goats for milk and meat. This settlement has an Arab village neighboring it with which they have cordial relations accept for one small thing, theft of goats. The Arabs were partial to goats and over the years the losses to the Jewish community mounted up. Complaints to the Police were to no avail nobody was ever caught.

One night two members of the Jewish community were out late for one reason or another and on their way back to their homes they caught two Arab youths red handed with a couple of goats each. The two perpetrators were apprehended and knowing that Police intervention would again be to no avail the Jewish settlement members took the law into their own hands, stripped the youths naked, sprayed them with red paint and sent them home.

The families of the Arab youths complained to the Police and the courts handed down an 18 month sentence to the two Jewish goat owners.

Now, Dear Reader, you ask WTF has all this got to do with a political blog?

Well, its like this; On June 18 edition of the Hebrew weekly B'sheva published an article in which was the following:

"It is hard to imagine a lynching in Israel’s pastoral, sun drenched south - the Negev - but sheep grower Oz Davidian is alive only because he was able to break away for a few seconds from the Bedouin marauders who attacked him on his own property in broad daylight. He managed to dial the emergency hot line, causing his attackers to flee, not before they told him: “You will leave this place dead or alive. We will destroy your livelihood until you run away”. Davidian needed stitches and surgical care. The Bedouins who tried to murder him are out of jail until the case comes to court.

Two weeks ago, Davidian woke up to discover that all his sheep had disappeared. Israel’s Border Police used scouts to find where the thieves, local Bedouins, had hidden them. The 30-40 complaints he has filed in the Ofakim police station over the last two years have had no deterring effect as the police simply interrogated and then released the offenders."

The sad thing is that because of catastrophic losses and understaffed law enforcement offices a few of the Jewish farmers have given up on their land and let the Arabs take over.

Fortunately there are a few Zionists left out there who care about their country and are willing to do something about it. My grandfather who came to Palestine in 1906 and settled in the lower Galilee joined a group called "HaShomer" (The Guardian) that patrolled the area they lived in on horseback and defended their flocks from Arab marauders. Two years ago a young Israeli combat officer resurrected The Guardian unit and is doing the same thing. in their daily newsletter of July 1st published an article called "Defending Zionist Farmers: The 'Jewish Guards' Rise Again" by Chagit Rotenberg in which they wrote;

Yoel Silberman, a combat officer, took an extended leave from the IDF to found the “New Guardians” group. He realized that his family, third generation farmers from Tzippori in the Galilee, were going to lose their livelihood if he didn’t take action to guard their property. During the three-year period prior to Yoel’s initiative, his father filed over 250 complaints against Arabs who cut his fences, caused tens of thousands of shekels worth of damage and threatened his life. Most of the police files were closed as being of “insufficient interest to the public.”

“One day we took our flocks out to graze on our land north of the (Jewish) Galilee town of Hoshaya”, he recalls, “and found that Arab flocks had broken in. We got them out, but four Israeli Arabs from the nearby village arrived and began punching us and throwing rocks. They called my father to tell him that they intend to kill me. Border Police were there, but they and their vehicle were attacked as well. The next time they cut our fence, my father went to the police while we held up their flocks. Arabs followed him into Hoshaya, beat him and stole his car right in front of the town’s offices. They were freed after several days in jail."

All these incidents would have had different consequences if our judicial system was not so one-sided. We have become a nation of "goody two-shoes" because we have been brain washed into considering the Arabs as an oppressed" minority in Israel. Unfortunately the opposite is true we have an oppressed majority. The judicial system in Israel has been abducted by Amnesty International and by the ethics of retired Supreme Court President Aharon Barak. I won't go into the details but recommend, Dear Reader, that you read Caroline Glick's article "Israel's Democratic Challenge" found on her blog site at

The Arab population in Israel has, in recent years, become totally unafraid of the Law of the Land. The Police are reluctant to enter Arab villages in fear of reprisals from the local population leaving the Jewish citizens of Israel to either give up or take the law into their own hands. Hence the resurrection of the "HaShomer" group. It is because of the years of left wing governments that have tried to appease the Arabs that has brought the Arab population to believe that they are above the law.

The same goes for our foreign policy vis-a-vis the "Palestinians".

But, hopefully, all is not lost, and with the courage of the likes of Yoel Silberman and his religious zionists volunteers we might be able to reclaim our country. The right thing to do will be to reorganize the Supreme Court and make it a court for the people of the Jewish State..
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Shame on you


Mike Packer

There is an interesting ticker tape headline running at the top of DebkaFile's website today, June 26, 2009 ;

"G8 FM's and the ME Quartet want Israel to stop settlement construction, Palestinians (sic) to desist from terror".

Nice try G8 but you try to convince the "Palestinians" to desist, we've been trying for years to no avail. We've tried talking to them, threatening them, imposing sanctions on them and finally brute force....nothing helps.

So when will you airheads realize that there is only one thing that will appease them and that is the annihilation of all Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel and you are aiding and abetting them.

I also came across an article that saddens me and puts down in writing what I wish to say but a lot more eloquently. It is written by Jack Engelhard, a renowned author and is called "Obama's 'Jewish experts'" can read it here.

I have always cringed when someone brings up the spectre of antisemitism and the holocaust. I have always considered the fact that we as Jews use it ad nauseum and the rest of the world is sick of hearing about it. After reading this article I apologize from the bottom of my heart to all the survivors that I have patronized unintentionally over the years. NEVER AGAIN!!

Never again should we have to go through another holocaust and when we hear the likes of George Mitchell discussing the fact that the settlement controversy is centered around "the number of Jewish births" our hackles should be rising. This is antisemitism at its worst and Mitchell, Clinton et al should be considered persona non grata vis-a-vis any negotiation on the grounds that they are not impartial.

The unprecedented US pressure on Israel concerning the settlements in Judea and Samaria is not conducive to the Middle East conflict especially as it is totally one-sided. US pressure is not being applied to the PA to fulfill their obligations under all the agreements signed since the Oslo accords nor is the current administration honoring agreements made with previous administrations.

So is it surprising that the percentage of Israelis who consider the US as a friend is at an all-time low of 6%. Or is it surprising that the percentage of the US population supporting Israel has dropped almost 10% since the current administration has taken office. Prez O's policy, it seems, is to alienate Israel from the rest of the world and, unfortunately, he seems to be succeeding.

Aaron Klein, Middle East correspondent and author summerizes it very nicely in his highly recommended book "The Late Great State of Israel";

"......I agree with the general premise that since public, overt Jew-hatred went out of fashion in the West following the Holocaust, age-old anti-semitism has been replaced en bloc by anti-Zionism, by attempting to de-legitimize and defeat the Jewish state instead of aiming directly at Jews as individuals. Radiating from the Muslim world, and backed up by both oil billions and jihadists, anti-Semitism is at the core of the growing Western embrace of Israel's enemies, from Hamas to Fatah to Hezbollah - the drive to force Israel to accept extreme concessions and forfeit strategic territory on its way to complete termination."

I say, Jews will not let this form of ant-Semitism rear its ugly head without going down screaming and kicking. Never again will we be led like lambs nor will we allow murderers to inflate the population of our enemies within our borders. This Jewish State was built on the memories of our Grandfathers and Mothers, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles that perished in the Holocaust and we owe them a great debt not to let it happen again. We won't allow the world community to renege on their promises starting with the Balfour Declaration through the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine that allowed our return to our ancestral homeland. We will throw it into their faces at every chance until they shout "gevalt" or until they hang their heads in shame.

And shame it is that the EU having lived through WW2 that is still in the memories of a large percentage of the European population should support this travesty. And shame it is that the current US administration should support the very people who are seeking the destruction of the State of Israel. And the greatest shame it is that the US who's claim to fame is honesty and integrity is aiding and abetting known terrorists at the price of the existance of the only State in the region that is its ally.

The Arabs rejected PM Netanyahu's speech at Bar Ilan University where he offered preconditions to a Palestinian (sic) State. In light of this rejection (another one...I've lost count how many already) I would like to endorse a solution from Bill Levinson that was posted on Israpundit on June 25;

U.S. Supreme Court Precedent: Israel Free to Seize Palestinian Land

Israel should invoke eminent domain to take over Gaza and the West Bank
by Bill Levinson

Now that the Palestinians have rejected an independent state (under the reasonable condition that they recognize Israel’s right to exist), there is nothing further to discuss with them. Israel should seize all Palestinian homes and land in Gaza and the West Bank (individual exceptions should be made for Palestinians who have demonstrated a willingness to live in peace with their neighbors), sell the homes and land to settlers, and give the displaced Palestinians the proceeds of the sales.

We encourage Israel to cite “Kelo v. City of New London,” in which the U.S. Supreme Court (Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsberg, and Breyer) said it was legal for a municipality to seize private property not for public use as allowed in the U.S. Constitution, but for the enrichment of private developers. Other municipalities have seized homes and businesses to turn over the real estate to “preferred” owners. It is therefore eminently reasonable for Israel to take land from the Palestinians and transfer it to those who will put it to far better economic use–the same reasoning behind the Kelo decision–as long as the Palestinians receive fair market value for the land so taken.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bird


Mike Packer

The "Palestinians" have finally come out into the open with their demands from the Israeli Government. They did it when Bibi Netanyahu became Prime Minister and Barak Obama became President of the USA.

This was not coincidence. Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala), the chief Arab negotiator, advertised their demands a few days before President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) went to discuss the negotiations with President Obama.

The "Palestinians" have a lot of gall to "demand" anything from Israel in the light of past negotiations. Every agreement from the infamous Oslo Accords to Annapolis and everything in between has, time and again, been broken by the Arab side and that failure has been blamed on Israel. "Illegal settlements" have been blamed for the lack of "peace" in the Middle East along with the existence of the State of Israel. This is only an excuse for the continual instances of terrorist activities which is one of the few sources of employment in Gaza and the "West Bank". The billions of dollars of foreign assistance paid to the "Palestinian" authorities has not been used for legitimate purposes such as education, health, welfare and municipal services but for the purchase of arms and terror training and to line the pockets of the so-called "political leaders".
Yet this doesn't stop the flow of monies to the PA. The inheritors of Adolf Hitlers "final solution" are now being paid by the same people that brought down the Nazi regime thus keeping it alive and well.

Akiva Eldar an Israeli correspondent for the Ha'aretz newspaper published an interview with Abu Ala on May 26 entitled "PA: Settlers can become Palestinian citizens" in which he asked Abu Ala some interesting questions:

Q: Do you insist on rejecting Netanyahu’s demand that you recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

Qureia: “Livni raised that as well and we said it was not our business. Call your state whatever you wish - democratic or non-democratic, Jewish or non-Jewish. It’s not fair to demand that we recognize you as the state of the Jewish people because that means an evacuation of the Arabs from Israel and a predetermination of refugees’ future, before the negotiations are over. Our refusal is adamant.”

Q: Five years ago Arafat said, in an interview with Haaretz, that he understands Israel is a Jewish state.

Qureia: “But he did not provide it [in writing].”

That answer is typical of Arab false promises and even if Arafat had put it down in writing it would have been worthless.

The interview goes on with:

Q: In 1988 the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized United Nations Resolution 181 [the partition plan] and that contains the term “Jewish state.”

Qureia: “Please, let us discuss Resolution 181. Livni asked me the same question and I told her ‘Please, let’s discuss implementing the entire partition plan’.”

UN resolution 181 called for the partition of what was left of the British Mandate for Palestine after the British had created the Kingdom of Jordan which they were not empowered to do under the League of Nations mandate. Resolution 181 was a recommendation by the UN and would have become a reality except for one small criteria. Both parties had to agree to the resolution and history shows that the Jewish people agreed but the Arabs didn't. This makes 181 null and void so Qureia's demand for negotiating the entire partition is 50 years too late.

Q: Do you insist on Palestinian sovereignty over Haram al-Sharif?

Qureia: “Of course. It’s the second most important place for the Muslim world.”

Haram al-Sharif is what the Arabs call the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Abu Ala's reply is astonishing to say the least...since when does the Haram al-Sharif take precedence over the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia which has always been the second most important site for Muslims. Jerusalem was for centuries a backwater town of almost no consequence and was never mentioned in the Koran and only made it to the forefront of Arab awareness in the middle of the 20th century.

So these were a few pearls from a "Palestinian" leader, nu? so what! The question is why are they suddenly so up front with what they have been denying for so long? One guess at the answer......Barak Hussein Obama. He is transmitting to the Muslim world that it is open season on Israel bashing. He is such a weak President that even Iran is giving him the bird and behind them is North Korea and behind North Korea is Pakistan and then comes Syria, Turkey and if he is not careful he might even have to deal with Vanuatu.

Obama's speech in Cairo was an insult to me and my country. When a President of the United States of America has the nerve to say:

"The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop."

then he is trying to delegitimize my country. Well, Mr. President, you can accept the bird from me too, both hands, in harmony and stereo!

For your information, Mr. President, the homeland of the Jews was a Divine gift but, unfortunately, we were banished by a conquering foe. We were returned by a unanimous act of The League of Nations in 1922 and not because of the Holocaust which you implied in your Cairo speech, that happened 20 years later. That League of Nations decision was mandated to the British Government who, illegally, partitioned it for their own interests. So Mr. P, get your facts together before you make a fool of yourself and I really don't give a hoot whether you consider the settlements legitimate or not. When we find a partner who wishes to make peace with us then we will negotiate in good faith, that partner will not be the one chosen by you or your administration but by us.

It is time, Mr. President, for you to stop flagrantly meddling in the internal affairs of my country and to start treating us like the friend and ally that we have always been.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

6 Million?


Mike Packer

6 Million is this a magic number, or what, why is it that when a Jewish population reaches this number the world goes into a feeding frenzy?

The Nazis did it and when the Allies were implored to put an end to it by bombing death factories they refused. Now Islamic Jihad is using this number to advance their intentions of destroying Israel with its population of (approximately) 6 Million Jews, aided and abetted by our closest "ally" the United States of America.

A few days before Passover a 13 year old boy was brutally axed to death and his 7 year old friend badly injured by a rabid animal in the guise of a "Palestinian". These are the people that Obama wants us to make "peace" with and have live in our midst. Thanks, but no thanks. You take them, Mr. President. You like them so much let them live in your neighborhood, a few more murderers in Washington D.C. wont hurt you too much and you certainly have plenty of room for them.

I ask myself how such an ignorant person can become President of the greatest democracy in the world. Ignorant, I mean, of world politics and especially of the Middle East. Obama's comments in Turkey on Monday shows just how much he doesn't know:

“In the Middle East, we share the goal of a lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. Let me be clear: the United States strongly supports the goal of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.”

“That is a goal shared by Palestinians, Israelis, and people of good will around the world. That is a goal that the parties agreed to in the road map and at Annapolis. And that is a goal that I will actively pursue as president.”

“That is a goal shared by Palestinians, Israelis......" Who are you trying to kid, Mr.P?, recent polls show that 51% of Israelis are not interested and two thirds of the "Palestinians" are not interested so how do you come up with a statement like that? Pardon me, Mr. President, but your ignorance is showing. I also like the bit about "....we share the goal....", well, Sir, share it yourself, don't talk for me because you don't have the right, I am not an American citizen but an Israeli one and I made my decision in the last Israeli elections whether you like it or not.

I picked a right wing government with the help of over half the population of Israel because we no longer want anything to do with the PA, Hamas, Hizbollah except at the end of a gun! Diplomacy does not work with these people. The American Presidents words were uttered to apply pressure on our new government to create a two-state solution to bring "peace"to the world. His ignorance of Middle East politics will bring the exact opposite of what he wants. He just doesn't realize that Arab words are written on ice and will disappear when things warm up this summer. Maybe he will come to realize that the camel jockeys of this world have intermarried so often that their gene pool is corrupt and murder is their only God.

"Its G-d’s responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations
It’s our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and G-d
(sorry don't know who that quote is from but my sentiments exactly).

We as Israelis have lived under the threat of Islam since the day we declared independance and have tried to stem the flow of their hatred from reaching our bretheren in Europe and the US to no avail. What thanks do we get for that? 6 Million is the magic number. We have reached the magic number and now our "friends" have decided to throw us to the dogs just so that they won't have to take action themselves to protect their own way of life and their Judeo-Christian values. Instead they elect Barak Hussein Obama who thinks of nothing better than to bow before a self styled "King" of Saudi Arabia. The very "King" that is bankrolling the organizations that perpetrated the 9/11 disaster where more than 3000 innocent people were killed trying to support their families. Well, good luck, America.

BHO insulted America by making obeisence to a foreign "King".

Good luck, I say, because with friends like you I don't need any more enemies. Iran is on the verge of attaining WMD's and it is us who are looking down the end of the barrel and not America, yet it is America who is trying to cover her ass by promoting appeasement with the Mullahs. Covering her ass by throwing Israel to the dogs, thanks, but no thanks. It is time to switch sides and maybe we will find friends in different places. There are enough countries out there that will be only too willing to spend money with us and buy some good technology that they don't have. A few of them come to mind, India, Russia, China to name but a few. India, which has been receiving its own unfair share of terrorism, has become increasingly frustrated with American policy in the sub-continent and is looking to spend defense money to protect itself. Russia will also spend just as an "in your face" action against the United States.

Good luck, I say, because you elected a President who wants "change" and change you will get, just don't do it at my expense. And you American Jews who voted for BHO don't come crying to me for help when things start going Sharia in the US. You dropped Israel like a hot potatoe because you are all left wing liberal (expletive deleted) and left us to the dogs. Your rhetoric about how we are "war criminals" and that we should free the "Palestinians" smacks a little of the "peace in our time" ghetto mentality of the 1930's.

What will you say when the mushroom clouds hang over the Middle East?

Will "Next year in Jerusalem" have any meaning for you?
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Next Scape Goat?


Mike Packer

I received an email from an old school friend the other day and I couldn't believe the content. I would like to take this opportunity to apply this media to answer my friend and at the same time bring this problem to the foreground before it becomes too late, again.

My friend, Peter, is an intelligent, educated (more so than me) person and it seems that he had doubts about the content and had to lay his fears to rest by forwarding it to me for my comments. The email was obviously a propaganda ploy by a person or persons unknown but most definitely antisemitic and of the more virulent variety. The email contained photographs comparing Israel and the "Palestinians" on the one hand and the Nazi regime of the 30's and 40's and Jews on the other. Israel being accused of Nazi tactics, needless to say the comparison was obscene to say the least.

Peter, antisemitism has been around for millennium ever since G-d declared the Jews were his chosen people. Believe that as you may but it is the crux of the matter and ever since then non-Jews have found one excuse after another to persecute,ridicule or blame the Jews or all the woes of mankind.

Antisemitism throughout history has been, eventually, very bloody to the detriment of my people. Whether by the Abyssinians, Romans, Greeks, Mamelukes, Arabs and many others in more recent times. Jews in the Diaspora would assimilate themselves, wherever possible, into the general population and set up their lives. On the whole they were successful and prospered bringing the wrath of the indigenous people on their heads. The Jews were always accused of stealing from the common man and making every ones life miserable, a poor excuse for killing and maiming but an excuse.

In recent times antisemitism became the realm of right wing fascism as we saw in the Nazi regime of Germany in the 1930's and 40's. They brought the "solution" to the Jewish problem to epic proportions and almost succeeded in destroying Jews for all time. Thanks to Allied intervention the "solution" did not reach its conclusion and the perpetrators received their just rewards.

Today antisemitism is no longer a right wing fascist phenomenon it has become a left wing liberal one. The only big difference is that it is not aimed at the Jews specifically but at their Nation, Israel.

The Jews in Israel are no longer the ghetto Jews of Europe, we have our own Nation where we can live our lives without fear of oppression or persecution. Or can we? Since the declaration of the State of Israel we have been in a constant battle for our existence. Within the borders of our own country we have to be on the alert ceaselessly from our neighbors even the ones who signed peace treaties with us. Our greatest friend, America, has succumbed to the hate propaganda emanating from the Arab world.

Israel has been accused of tactics reminiscent of 1940 Germany and left wingers are quick to bring pictures from dubious sources and accuse the Israel Defense Forces of gross misconduct and "war crimes" against the "Palestinians". Needless to say all these accusations are proved groundless but their damage is irreversible and friends like Peter are left wondering if its all true or not. This suspicion will always be at the back of my friend Peter's mind no matter whether I convinced him otherwise or not. There lies the problem!

Iran is on the threshold of obtaining a Nuclear weapon and will not hesitate to use it. The question is what happens after we are nuked? Will it stop there? Will radical Islam be satisfied? They will not, take my word for it. Europe is already in its death throes from the strangle hold that Islam has on it and America will be next for "change" is on its way.

So aside from the reason of being the "chosen people" for antisemitism there is also the fact that non-Jews are simply jealous. As one of the smallest peoples on Earth we have a proportionately higher contribution to mankind than any other. We created monotheism which was eventually stolen from us by both the Christian and Moslem religions which plays a large role in the problems of the world. In every generation we have produced doctors, astronomers, physicists, explorers, inventors and the list goes on and on. How many of my people have won the Nobel Prize for one thing or another?

Never fear, Peter, eventually the world will find a way to rid itself of the Jews and then what will you do? Who will invent the next generation of cell phones, computer chips, electric cars, communications equipment and avionics?

Then who will G-d choose to be the next scape goat?

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Seeds of Liberalism

I am posting this article that was not written by me because I think it holds a very powerful message and a warning to all of us. The original article was posted on the FrontPage Magazine web site. I have added highlights to some of the passages that are particularly worrying for me. [Mike Packer]

by Jesse Petrilla

I just returned to America from Europe where I lead an incredible delegation to meet with European leaders in an effort to see a glimpse into a possible future for America by viewing the end results of years of failed liberal policies on European nations. Let these experiences and facts serve as the warning to what will be the result if we blindly continue on a path of destruction sewn by politicians who believe socialism, appeasement, and other leftist policies will benefit America in any way.

The trip started in Paris, the beautiful vacation land of good food, fine wine, arts, and European culture, or so I thought. Our tour guide in this city was the brilliant scholar Nidra Poller, whose insights and knowledge on French society shed light on everything we saw. She explained the social climate, the attitude of the government, and the current tensions and growing antisemitism that exists in the city. On the first day of our trip, local news reported that another synagogue was firebombed, a 4th that week, and a man had just been stabbed for wearing a Star of David by the notorious “disenfranchised youths” as the media calls them. Two days prior, there was a “peace” rally which resulted in the burning of dozens of cars, again by those pesky “youths” who for some reason yell “Allah Akbar” while rioting. We did an in studio interview on French radio where I bluntly explained to them that their problems were brought on by their leftist politicians who feel the need to push socialist and other leftist policies which have enabled all this to occur. Unfortunately these policies of open borders, refugee resettlement, welfare, and others, are exactly the same policies that the liberals in congress and the state assembly are constantly pushing here in America.

We met with an underground group of conservatives in Paris. It saddened me to see that the conservative movement was truly underground there, for fear of reprisals from employers or angry leftists. We met in a secure and private location with a half dozen or so various activists, in the hopes to encourage them to begin a grassroots movement, virtually non-existent in Europe. It was truly inspiring to meet with a young man who is the founder of a group called French Friends of the Republican Party, who sees what is going on around him and is willing to make a stand. We also met with the few conservative city leaders around Paris including Philippe Karsenty, the Deputy Mayor of the suburb of Neuilly. Philippe told us of a lawsuit he has been engaged in regarding the propagation of misinformation on both French and mid-east media. The most troubling item we learned when speaking with local leaders and law enforcement is the existence of no-go zones around Paris and around other European cities. They are Islamic neighborhoods where police absolutely refuse to enter, and where if you are not a Muslim and you are caught driving through it you will have bricks thrown at your car and may not make it out alive. One of the conservative activists we met up with by the name of David described a time when there was a new Chief of Police who decided he wanted to crack down on the no-go zones and send his police in, against the wishes of many other authorities. When the police entered one of the large 15 story commie-block style apartment buildings, someone pushed a refrigerator off the roof onto one of the squad cars. They don’t go in there any more. These Islamic ghettos were brought on and paid for by social welfare programs, and the immigrants were welcomed with open arms in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. Yet unlike the immigrants of the past, assimilation has been lacking to say the least. An unnamed source gave us an example of the local police climate; although the police want to fight, they are greatly restricted. He explained that during a recent protest, someone began shooting at the police with a handgun, the officer in charge gave the order to his men not to return fire, and was given an award by the government for his restraint. That is the climate of liberalism.

Tom Trento, of the Florida Security Council, and I went to a Hamas and Hezbollah rally near the Musée du Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa, to film and report. The sheer numbers were astounding, at a conservative estimate there were 15,000 screaming jihadis waving Hezbollah and Hamas flags. The crowd grew and grew, and when they hit the opera plaza the police blocked them from continuing to the Israeli Consulate. The infuriated crowd began to torch Israeli and American flags, and as the tensions grew and we saw police begin to lock and load their tear gas, we knew it was time to leave. That evening we found out that a McDonalds was attacked that we had ate at only a half hour before the rally, and all the windows broken. However, from press reports you would never know any of this occurred. Our Paris contact Nidra Poller told us a few days later that there was barely a peep in the French news about it, if anything at all. The only information we could find on the event was a flat out lie in an AP news wire saying that the crowds were estimated at 2,600. This manipulation of the facts, and the control of the mainstream media is incredible, but is exactly what the liberals are attempting to do, and have largely succeeded in bringing to the media in the United States.
While I had expected dope smoking hippies and bums everywhere in Amsterdam, there really was not even a 10th as many as one would find in San Francisco. Instead, as opposed to Paris which was a dreary town where everyone wears black, I found there were bright colors, lively people riding bicycles everywhere, and a growing climate of people who are fed up with what is going on around them. Aside from the conservative politicians we met with, when stopping people on the street to discuss the issues we found that a sizable and growing minority of people are beginning to realize that the leftist governmental policies that got them into this mess are killing them and their way of life. When you set foot in that city it becomes painfully clear that the younger generation is not Dutch, but is a majority Islamic. The prostitutes in windows in the red light district, and marijuana shops throughout the city are evidence of the self indulging liberal climate that brought about such a situation. Oddly enough cigarettes are illegal to smoke in or near any building, and in the red light district one overhears Arabic more often than you would think. Speaking with the Dutch politicians and local residents, many expressed wishes to shut down the houses of prostitution, however organized crime has gained such a hold over it that no one wants to stand up against them. It is quite tragic because on a trip to Kosovo, a place notorious as a human trafficking route, I learned from experts on the region that many of the European prostitutes are kidnapped from throughout the world, and brought to Europe through those routes to work in these bordellos. Many do not speak the language, are regularly beaten, and are fearful that if they left they would be out on the streets. It is human slavery existing today right in the heart of the West. The liberal social climate for years has created so many problems like these, and has dug the society in so deep, that today they are at a loss as to how to deal with the mess.

What I can explain in words about the European situation sounds terrible, but be assured that whatever you believe to be the current state of European affairs, it is 100 times as bad as you think. “100 times as bad”, those were the words told to us by Dutch MP Geert Wilders. This hero of a man was just one of the leaders we met with on our journey. Mr. Wilders was just brought up on charges the day after we met with him on grounds of inciting hate speech for his producing of the factual film called Fitna, which discussed the ideologies behind our Islamic extremist enemies. This attack on free speech is all too common in this region. Yet there is an extreme double standard if one is talking about speech against Jews, Christians, or against conservative ideals. For Europe, it seems perfectly acceptable to tolerate the intolerant.

During our Dutch Parliament visit we saw several school groups on a field trip taking a tour. When a group passed by, one of the MPs we were with told us that this was a typical Dutch school, where out of approximately forty children we could count the number of Dutch on one hand, and saw that 30% of the girls were wearing hijab Islamic head coverings, and the rest were obviously from an Islamic background as well. This is a product of the refugee resettlement programs and open borders, and now the Dutch have found themselves in a situation where more than half the youth of the metropolitan areas are from Islamic backgrounds, two Christian churches are closing each week, and the Saudis are building mosques at an unprecedented rate. Already, Muslim politicians in Amsterdam such as Ahmed Marcouch have called for Muslim only districts to be officially recognized and assisted by the government. These districts already have formed according to some conservative politicians we met with. Dutch MP Martin Bosma told me that in some neighborhoods Sharia Law is already being enacted and there have even been cases of corporal punishment taking place. Local crimes are not brought up to the Dutch authorities, but are instead brought up to the local religious leaders for judgments, and punishments are being carried out, completely bypassing Dutch law. Police are so afraid to enter these neighborhoods, and they are considered no-go zones much like the ones found outside Paris. MP Sietse Fritsma, an immigration expert in the Party for Freedom, told us that the welfare in the state gives an estimated 250,000 Euros ($325,000) total per family over the course of their life in The Netherlands. This establishes a climate of ghettos where there is virtually no economic movement, and the recipients simply survive off the welfare and feel no obligation to contribute to the society that feeds them. He also told us that these communities have a horrific crime rate, and that several Muslim politicians are now calling for Sharia Law in these areas.

While in the Netherlands we met with Professor Hans Jansen, an expert and author on Islamic studies, particularly knowledgeable about the European situation. He explained how the Islamists are becoming very successful in bringing Sharia and unrest to parts of Europe, and are influencing the school systems and government at an amazing rate. Lars Hedegaard from Denmark met with us as well, a journalist and president of The Free Press Society. These two powerhouses gave us an understanding of just how dire the situation really is. Through acts of intimidation from rioting, threats, and murders such as that of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, the Islamists are able to gain a profound influence on Dutch society, and now have the numbers to elect their own into Dutch government. We traveled in The Hague with our friend Gerard Batten, member of the European Union Parliament representing the UK, who flew down to meet with us for the briefings in the Dutch Parliament. He is in the EU party UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, who sees the writing on the wall and believes the UK should pull out of the EU. Gerard clearly pointed out how the EU nations have nearly completely lost their sovereignty, the borders have dissolved, and the member nations have turned into states run by a growing liberal bureaucracy. Together we met with Dutch MPs from the Party For Freedom, the party founded and lead by Geert Wilders whom we would meet with the following day. All these inspiring conservative leaders we met with are fighting back, and are taking a courageous stand against the liberal establishment that has such a strong grip over Europe.

While I believe that the majority of liberal Democrats in our government truly think that they are doing what they believe to be best for our nation, many of them are so misguided and uninformed as to what the end results from such policies will be, that I fear if we continue down the same track we will reach the same catastrophic situation that Europe is in today, and America as we know it will be destroyed. The no-go zones, the economic struggles, the civil insurgencies, all this will come to our door step if we don’t get our act together. So any time someone says I am too conservative, I will remind them of what has happened in Europe due to liberalism. Prior to leaving The Hague, we went to The U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to witness some of the proceedings in the ongoing trials from the civil war in the Balkans. That served as a reminder of what can happen in Europe, or in America if we don’t prevent it. Our final day in the Netherlands MP Wilders gave us a message to take back to America, “Stand up, stand up before it is too late.”

Jesse Petrilla is the founder of The United American Committee

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hamas and the Election Dilemma


Mike Packer

Well Ehud Barak’s half baked war against Hamas has just jumped up and bit him, again.

DebkaFile reports that the Hamas negotiations for a cease fire were a red herring. Hamas spread rumors that an agreement was imminent for an 18 month cease fire and the release of Gilad Shalit. Israel agreed to allow Hamas leader Mahmud A-Zahar to travel to Cairo and points east to try and override hardliner Khaled Meshaal and sign an extended truce deal.
Instead of signing Hamas has used the time to reorganize and rearm after their wrist slap from Ehud Barak. What motivated that man to cease attacking Hamas when he had the upper hand? I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say the reason was not political but I have serious reservations. If it was political reasoning then that blew up in his face too because he lost the elections big time.

This organization called Hamas is purported to be a religious, social organization that was elected under the banner of social reform and total hatred of Israel. The hatred part I can live with, the social part leaves everything to be desired. The millions of for aid but for destruction. The money was used to purchase arms and ammunition for the fight against Israel and the population of Gaza be damned. Humanitarian aid in the form of blankets and food for the “poor oppressed, starving Arabs” is constantly being stolen by Hamas strongmen from UNRWA warehouses or straight off the backs of the trucks that bring it in. The situation has become so dire that the UNRWA representatives in the Gaza Strip have ceased to bring in more supplies thus creating a “Humanitarian situation” with, of course, not a word of protest from all our neighborhood, bleeding heart liberals because this time it wasn’t Israel’s fault (although the blame will be put on Israel….have no fear).

So now is brass tack time, Hamas can no longer be considered, even remotely, as a negotiating partner. The next smallest provocation which, without the slightest doubt, will occur within the next 2 to 3 days must be answered forcefully and taken to the end. Hamas must be struck so hard that no remnant remains and that includes their political and military leaders.

Now the question that needs to be asked is “who is going to be the next Minister of Defense in Israel?”

If (G-d forbid) Tsipora Livni forms the next government (chances for that look pretty slim) then we are stuck with limp wrested Ehud again. This means a total capitulation in Gaza and the formation of an Iranian state in the Strip. Tsipora is committed to a two-state solution and we can expect a rise in Arab demands for more and more concessions which will be met with smiles and a positive reaction from the government and a huge pat on the back from President Obama.

On the other hand if Bibi gets to form a government we have a number of scenarios;

A. He entices Tsipora Livni and Ehud Barak to from a broad based coalition government and bring in a few of the right wing religious splinter parties,

B. He forms a government consisting of the Lieberman Gang and the right wing National Camp.

If he chooses A we are stuck with Ehud again and Bibi will have reneged on his campaign promises again. The Labor/Likud/Kadima coalition will be a left wing coalition that will not allow Netanyahu to pursue his campaign promises or allow him to resist American/EU pressure to allow more concessions to the Arabs. Political Pundits are saying that Israel needs a left wing government to legitimize its dealings with the EU and prevent any tension between them if things come to a head with Hamas and Iran. But history shows that no matter what government is in power in Israel we can be sure that EU and American rhetoric will be against us no matter what we do.

So we come to plan B. Here Netanyahu will have the full support of his coalition vis-à-vis Likud’s treatment of the PA and Arab nations in the area. He will have full support for an action against Iran if it is needed and his coalition partners won’t allow a cease fire like the last one to happen. The question arises as to whom the Department of Defense will fall to. Moshe Yaalon seems to be the front runner for this job and as a former Chief of Staff he certainly has the credentials.

The main thought that must go through Bibi’s mind as he tries to arrange a coalition is the fact that the Israeli population has made a majority decision in the last elections that it no longer wishes a left wing government. He has an obligation to his voters to accede to their wishes, so plan B is the only legitimate option he has if he wants to survive on the Israeli political field.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Aid? What Aid?

Mike Packer

“The poor oppressed “Palestinians”” are a bunch of whining crooks and Hamas is the Mafia of the Middle East.

Tons of humanitarian aid has been stolen from UNRWA by the Hamas police and the International Community has yet to voice its displeasure and censure Hamas.

In fact the eternal scapegoat, Israel, is being blamed for the lack of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Chief John Holmes has, I must add here, rebuked Hamas in one incident of “cynical" use of civilian facilities during recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip as reported in the Haaretz newspaper of January 29, 2009. Holmes goes on say that Hamas must not interfere with the movement of humanitarian supplies and urged Israel to reopen the border crossings to allow large quantities of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. "Israel has a particular responsibility as the occupying power in this context, because of its control of Gaza's borders with Israel, to respect the relevant provisions of international humanitarian law," he said.
The question to be asked here is ‘why on earth should we provide aid that will be stolen and sold by Hamas to fill their coffers so they can buy more weapons?” We are not an occupying power in the Gaza Strip and haven’t been for a number of years. We are under no obligation to conduct any commercial business with the Hamas regime. Even Egypt has had enough of them and has decided to close her border at Rafah and the International Community has yet to censure Cairo.

Tsipora Livni our Foreign Minister, who so gleefully signed a Memorandum with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, should be hiding her head in shame. That MoI was intended to try and curb the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip, too bad it wasn’t printed on absorbent paper so President Obama could use it in the Oval Office john. The very first incident of attempted smuggling was a fiasco. A Cyprus flagged merchant ship sailing out of Bandar Abbas in Iran was apprehended by the US Navy and searched. It was found to be carrying arms destined for the Gaza Strip and the ship was then promptly escorted to, eventually, Cyprus where the arms have been unloaded and are awaiting a decision of the UN Security Council as to their final destination. The Israeli Navy was prevented from confiscating the arms by the US Navy for fear that the incident might anger the Iranians.

Where is the International Community (IC) that rushed to condemn Israel for not providing humanitarian aid? Where are the American promises covered by the MoI?

The time has come for Israel to elect a right wing government. No matter what we do we come under fire from all sides so it is time to think about ourselves and not about what the IC will say because it doesn’t matter one iota. The IC has fallen to islamofacism and is no longer a worthwhile partner in any political arena. The US of A is going the same way when the agreements they sign aren’t worth the paper that they are written on and are broken before the ink even dries. The two-state solution is a pipe-dream invented by some cockamamie State Department jerk off and pushed on Israel whose left wing government of the time accepted.

Enough is enough, JUDEA and Samaria belong to Israel, by International Law, and if the Arabs who live there don’t like it then they can leave. I am sure there are many Arab nations in the Middle East who would be more than willing to accept a few hundred thousand poor, oppressed, brother Arabs from the Holy Land. No? Then how about Eurabia there is plenty of room in Holland and Britain and they believe in Sharia law.
No? How about Venezuela they like the Arabs there.

I, personally, refuse to have them in MY country if they refuse to swear allegiance.
I, personally, refuse to have them in MY country as long as they adhere to the idea of Jewish Genocide.
I, personally, refuse to host ANY of my enemies in MY country.

Now before some Human Rights committee starts ragging me about being racist I would like to bring their attention to the hundreds of thousands of Jewish citizens of Arab nations that were forced to leave their countries of origin in 1948 and nobody raised a finger to assist them except their own brethren. No one even raised a voice in their aid and it wasn’t until 2008 that the UN even cared to discuss them.

So let Saudi Arabia and their ill gained petro dollars do something about “Humanitarian Aid”, I am sure the so-called “Palestinians” would make good destruction workers, explosives experts and tunnel diggers as they have had years of experience and would be an asset to any Muslim country.
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Campaign Promises and Shoals


Mike Packer

Some interesting items were gleaned from the media this week.

The first snippet is that Ehud Olmert, in secret negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, is willing to give up certain East Jerusalem neighborhoods and “The Holy Basin”.

“The Holy Basin” is a term coined during Clinton’s administration and pertains to that part of Jerusalem that contains the Holy Sites of the three major religions. In Olmert’s agreement these sites would come under the jurisdiction of some International body. Either Olmert is a fool (my second choice) or a total moron (by far my first choice) but, I guess, he doesn’t remember the days of “Jerusalem, the International City” invented by the UN. In those days the City of David was so international that Jews were denied access to pray at their most Holy site and foreign Christians were restricted in the observance of their religion.

It was reported by the Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Acharonot on its Thursday morning front page that Olmert had closed on the deal during his meeting with Obama’s special envoy Mitchell on Wednesday. The interesting thing is that the report disappeared for 24 hours after it was first published. No-one was talking, apart from an AFP article in the Philippines there was nothing, zip, nada, not even on the internet. I ask myself why would the Olmert administration put a gag order on something like this unless it’s because Ehud has committed an horrendous crime against the Jewish people and should have his name expunged from entering Paradise.

Tsipora Livni has denied knowledge (of course) and this whole debacle is starting to look like some episode of “Mission Impossible”. The good thing is that this agreement has to be signed and Olmert doesn’t have the authority to do it (I hope).

The next snippet was how Hamas has started dictating the terms of the oxymoronic “cease fire”. You have to say something for the leaders of Hamas they do have chutzpah after getting their rear ends kicked they have learned something from the movie “Taxi driver” (you talking to me? Who you talking to?”). We should quote Eli Wallach “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk”. You will have to excuse me but I find Israeli Politicians comical at the best of times and the other Ehud (Barak) tops the list. All the effort that the IDF put into Operation Cast Lead has brought us nothing but Hamas demands for open borders and more weapons.

George Mitchell an ex-senator and now Special Middle East Envoy for Barak Hussein Obama came up with the Quote of the Week: "To be successful in preventing the illicit traffic of arms into Gaza, there must be a mechanism to allow the flow of legal goods. And that should be with the participation of the Fatah-control Palestinian Authority."
Open borders to prevent smuggling, yeh, right. Who did he say should be involved? The PA? Isn’t that like asking the cat to guard the milk?

The next snippet comes from my reading Caroline Glick’s article of January 30 which I reccomend. She discusses Obama’s first week and a half in office and how he’s keeping his campaign promises. I might go a little further than Ms.Glick and say that he is revealing his true self. He is an Arabist and a capitulator. The Arabist part is no real surprise because of his family background but the capitulation is another story. Downgrading President Bush’s war on terrorism is worse than capitulation it is a surrender to Islam. It is also an insult to all those people who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks and an insult to the memory of all those who have lost their lives protecting American freedoms and values. Shame on you Mr.President, do the lives of American servicemen come as cheap as that?

His attempt to appease Iran’s Ahmadinejad was an insight in Diplomacy viv-a-vis the world of Islam. You would think that a person of Obama’s background would know how to deal with Dar-El-Islaam but, I guess, he learned nothing at his father”s knee. He is offering Iran the chance to discuss peacefully their differences and, true to form, Ahmadinejad came back with an insult over America’s show of weakness. Obama’s campaign promises about engaging Teheran in dialogue has worked only not the way Obama really wanted. This just goes to show that this administration like those before it ahs absolutely no clue on how to deal with Islamic mentality. It chooses advisers that are in Saudi pockets and are being given bad advise. If this is being done without Obama’s realization then he is not the man for the job and if it is with his knowledge than that is probably an impeachable offense.

Instead of facing the enemy Barak Hussein Obama has taken the liberal multicultural way out and has pointed the Ship of State onto the shoals of disaster for America and, by proxy, for Israel.

Israel has now become one of the very few States in the world today that has to carry the brunt of Islamic Jihad. As the Jews have been the perpetual scapegoats we have now been upgraded to guardians of democracy. It is up to us not to fail ourselves for I really don’t care a fig for America’s situation. We will have a tough time over the next four years trying to neutralize Barak Hussein Obama’s mistakes and we are going to have to find someone worthy of the task.

Good luck, America, you’re going to need it.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Election Time


Mike Packer

So the rockets are flying, again, so Israel is biding her time, again, and the gains we made in operation Cast Lead just flew out of the window, again.

What is it with the Israeli political elite that causes this mental block every time the solution jumps up and kicks them in the fanny? We are reaping the crop of total incompetence on the side of Ehud Barak, our illustrious Minister of Defence who promised the population of Israel to retaliate with excessive force any and all acts of aggression on the side of Hamas. Nuu? What do we get for the death of an IDF soldier by a roadside bomb, why, heavens to Betsy, the actual destruction of a motorbike ! Give me a break, Ehud, surely you can come up with something better than that. The guy who was riding the motorbike, one Machmad Uda Chamdan Samiri a known terror operative of the Global Jihad in Gaza, was critically injured….well, big deal. Ehud, to put it bluntly either defecate or get out of the toilet because you are in someone else’s place. With all your squirming away from a fight and wanting to give up parts of Eretz Israel you can be certain you won’t get my vote in these elections.

As for Tsipora Livni, she is again pushing for land for peace. At the sixth annual Jerusalem Conference on Wednesday night she said that Israel must give up parts of Judea and Samaria in order to preserve Israel as a Jewish state. Thanks, Tsipora, but this is MY country and I have no intention of giving any of it away to a bunch of camel jockeys who intend to destroy us, so you can be certain that you won’t get my vote these elections either. Eitan Livni, Tsipora’s father, a member of ETZEL during the war of Independence, was active in the Herut movement and a Member of Knesset in the Likud party, must be turning over in his grave over his daughters utterances and willingness to give up Eretz Israel. Tsipora also said that years of refusal to make concessions have resulted in international demands that have forced political leaders "to run for compromise." Where have you been since Oslo, Tsipora, Israel has been making concessions to our Arab enemies for years….we do not have to compromise anymore! The time for compromise went down the tubes when all our concessions were refused and sent back to us in the form of suicide bombers, kassam missiles, Grad missiles, Katyusha rockets and all the other goodies that the International Community has financed over the last few decades. But she did throw us a bone: "I know to say ahead of time what are the compromises," pointing out her opposition to Palestinian Authority demands for the right of immigration to Israel of foreign Arabs who are descendants of families who left Israel during previous wars. Well ‘good on yer’, Tsipora, I guess we have to be thankful for small mercies.

The next one in line is……….no, not Ehud Olmert, the third of the Stooges, he’s on his way out, bless him. The next one is Avigdor Lieberman, yes good old Yvette, as much as I liked him for his “in your face” attitude to Israeli Arabs (not that it makes much difference whether they are Israeli or not to Lieberman) he is turning out to be two-faced. I suppose that being two-faced is expected from a politician but when it comes to surrendering my country I draw the line. It seems that Lieberman had secret meetings with one of Yasser Arafat's key advisers about territorial concessions to the Palestinian Authority. This has been revealed by Martin Indyk, former US Ambassador to Israel, in his new book entitled "Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy,". Now that is a political bombshell, way to go, Yvette. There goes my vote again.

So now that we have eliminated three of the biggest political parties in Israel; Labor, Kadima and Israel Beitenu, what do we have left?

Likud? I don’t know, Bibi has been heard to say that he would surrender parts of Jerusalem, he was a supporter of the Gush Katif fiasco….so he’s out.

I won’t even consider any of the left wing liberal jerk offs as they would probably try to transfer me to Uganda or someplace.

I will consider any party that will have the courage to say no to the United States of America over the double standards that they are employing in their dealings with my country. To resist the pressure that is imposed on us whenever we defend ourselves against our adversaries and to insist that justice is served in the International Court of Justice when it comes to International Law pertaining to Israel.

I will consider any party that will begin proceedings for Israel’s resignation from the United Nations and the expulsion of all UN employees and organizations from Israel.

I will consider any party that considers Eretz Israel the homeland of the Jewish people (I will exclude Transjordan) as resolved by the League of Nations and their heirs.

OK, so I am dreaming, so what, but I am sure there are a lot of you out there who agree with me.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Three Stooges


Mike Packer

The IDF’s latest operation was magnificent. So what? What good did it do us when our political leaders wasted it away because of their yellow streak?

Our political leaders Ehud Olmert, Tsipora Livni and Ehud Barak or “The Three Stooges” as Emanuel A. Winston, a Mid East analyst & commentator so eloquently called them blew our military success into the wind. They were too wimpy to follow it to its logical end and blast Hamas back into the middle ages.
. The pictures of Ismail Haniyeh during the latest Gaza operation transmitted from his bolt hole were a sight for sore eyes. Bags under his eyes, pale and looking very tired as compared to the pictures of him on the day that the Three Stooges declared a unilateral cease fire where he looked like he had just received a new lease on life. We could see that the operation was affecting him psychologically and had we continued we would have defeated him and his cohorts completely. But NO, Ehud Barak went back to his usual self running from the enemy. How this man became the most decorated soldier in the IDF is beyond me.

My hypothesis is that the man thinks only of himself and his grandiose political dreams. He has yet to realize that he has a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming the Prime Minister of Israel again.

I used to be a Labor Party supporter but that changed when Ehud Barak was voted as the leader of that party. I have become a right wing supporter and never have I realized just how correct my decision was until now.

The unilateral cease fire was a political decision so that the Three Stooges would look good in the eyes of the International Community and payment of lip service to the new American administration and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. The good of our nation has become a second line priority to the aspirations of at least two of the Three Stooges as Ehud Olmert disappears into oblivion.

Never has there been a better time to push for Israel to become a Constitutional Democracy. We must start voting for individuals who will answer to We The People and not to some cockamamie political party whose members think only of the leather chairs that they will sit in when elected to the Knesset. It is time to bring the Government of our nation under the control of the people.

The Gaza operation was the most popular IDF operation in recent history and had the support of the majority of the population of Israel yet it never came close to its intended goals, the release of Gilad Shalit and the destruction of the Hamas power base in the Gaza Strip all because of the impending elections in Israel and the inauguration of Barak Hussein Obama.

Well, at least the Three Stooges will be put away on the back burner (for good, I hope) in the upcoming elections and maybe, maybe we will get a Government that will stand against International Community and American pressure……and I pray that it won’t be just a pipe dream.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A call for unconditional surrender


Mike Packer

The IDF has restored our faith in the professionalism of its soldiers and officers. 

The way Operation Cast Lead has been managed is a reflection of the lessons learned by the military from the disasterous 2nd Lebanese fiasco and the proper implimentation of these lessons by the current CoS Gabi Ashkenazi.

IDF has pursued Hamas over the last three weeks and have not hesitated to (finally) fire on mosques, schools or UN establishments that were being used as a fire base by terrorists. The IDF has finally taken off the kid gloves and thrown International condemnation to the winds, and so it should be. We are the ONLY ones who can defend our country and have the right to do soas we see fit, International hypocrasy be damned.

But of what use is our military if the political faction of our nation throws a wrench in the cogs?

The IDF has suffered losses and wounded soldiers and expanded a lot of energy to achieve an advantage over Hamas. This vantage point was attained to allow our politicians the best possible hand to win the game. Nu? They have been trumped again.

Our "best friends", the Americans, have tried to screw us, again, by passing a UNSC resolution telling us to cease and desist forthwith. Fortunately our PM wasn't totally incompetant this time and (if the stories are true) managed to avert a disaster at the last minute and "our friend" Condi, who always has our interests at heart, was forced to abstain. 

Israel finally saw the light and chose to ignore the resolution, halleluyah! It was about time that we finally realized that the UN is a neutered body that can kiss our rear orifice. An International body that has the gall to appoint a pariah nation like Iran to the chairmanship of the UNDP cannot be taken seriously. Ban Ki Moon even had the audacity to force our PM to apologize for attacking UNRWA schools and storage depots that were being used by Hamas as fire bases. I haven't heard Hamas apologize yet but then I don't expect the UN to make such a demand.

So, back to our "illustrious" politicians who, after being handed a victory are intending to squander it away for naught. Instead of demanding from Hamas a total, unconditional surrender as befits a victor over a vanquished enemy our politicians are kowtowing to American pressure. 

It's interesting to note that in the beginning of this operation the Bush Administration was giving Israel tentative support until they realized that we were getting the upper hand and started pressuring for a UNSC resolution to end the hostilities. The Americans were taken by surprise when the IDF started chalking up successes against Hamas. The State Department was expecting a replay of the Lebanon fiasco and in a fit of rage started calling for a cease fire. 
A "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU) was signed by Tzipora Livni and "our good friend" Condi in which the US has pledged to assist Israel in preventing the smuggling of arms into the Gaza Strip, in providing humanitarian aid to the "poor oppressed arabs" and in ensuring that peace reigns over our little corner of the planet......yeh, right.

Tzipora Livni has again accomplished in creating the worst possible scenario for Israel in the Gaza Strip. It follows her brilliant UN coup after the 2nd Lebanon war where she was able to influence the passage of resolution 1701:



Permanent Ceasefire to Be Based on Creation

Of Buffer Zone Free of Armed Personnel Other than UN, Lebanese Force .

This resolution was a joke and Hizbollah has managed to rearm and reinforce its defenses in southern Lebanon under the noses of the UN and Lebanese army.

Tsipora Livni was so successful with 1701 that she has again done it, this time with the US instead of the UN. I have serious doubts about Condi Rice's good intentions, she has been so hostile to Israeli interests in the region that no good can come of this and I foresee Hamas rearming itself as did Hizbollah.

Israel must take the initiative here and put an end to Hamas once and for all and demand unconditional surrender. The Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has refused to allow a cease fire so maybe we should agree with him this time.
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