Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Three Stooges


Mike Packer

The IDF’s latest operation was magnificent. So what? What good did it do us when our political leaders wasted it away because of their yellow streak?

Our political leaders Ehud Olmert, Tsipora Livni and Ehud Barak or “The Three Stooges” as Emanuel A. Winston, a Mid East analyst & commentator so eloquently called them blew our military success into the wind. They were too wimpy to follow it to its logical end and blast Hamas back into the middle ages.
. The pictures of Ismail Haniyeh during the latest Gaza operation transmitted from his bolt hole were a sight for sore eyes. Bags under his eyes, pale and looking very tired as compared to the pictures of him on the day that the Three Stooges declared a unilateral cease fire where he looked like he had just received a new lease on life. We could see that the operation was affecting him psychologically and had we continued we would have defeated him and his cohorts completely. But NO, Ehud Barak went back to his usual self running from the enemy. How this man became the most decorated soldier in the IDF is beyond me.

My hypothesis is that the man thinks only of himself and his grandiose political dreams. He has yet to realize that he has a snowballs chance in hell of ever becoming the Prime Minister of Israel again.

I used to be a Labor Party supporter but that changed when Ehud Barak was voted as the leader of that party. I have become a right wing supporter and never have I realized just how correct my decision was until now.

The unilateral cease fire was a political decision so that the Three Stooges would look good in the eyes of the International Community and payment of lip service to the new American administration and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. The good of our nation has become a second line priority to the aspirations of at least two of the Three Stooges as Ehud Olmert disappears into oblivion.

Never has there been a better time to push for Israel to become a Constitutional Democracy. We must start voting for individuals who will answer to We The People and not to some cockamamie political party whose members think only of the leather chairs that they will sit in when elected to the Knesset. It is time to bring the Government of our nation under the control of the people.

The Gaza operation was the most popular IDF operation in recent history and had the support of the majority of the population of Israel yet it never came close to its intended goals, the release of Gilad Shalit and the destruction of the Hamas power base in the Gaza Strip all because of the impending elections in Israel and the inauguration of Barak Hussein Obama.

Well, at least the Three Stooges will be put away on the back burner (for good, I hope) in the upcoming elections and maybe, maybe we will get a Government that will stand against International Community and American pressure……and I pray that it won’t be just a pipe dream.

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