Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bill of [Blog] Rights

Mike Packer

The pre-preamble to the Bill of [Blog] Rights:

This Bill is written in Americanese. Apologies to my family and friends in the United Kingdom and Europe. I have come to the conclusion that the UK and Europe is a lost cause, they no longer have the motivation to fight their own demise. I know that they fought a world war not so long ago and are tired of turmoil, so I forgive them. To my family and friends; you are all sweet people, I love you dearly but I question your choice of countries to live in.

The preamble:

I created this blog because I am mad. I am mad at the members of my generation that are sending this world to hell in a hand basket. We, of the baby boom, were left a world devastated by two world wars within a span of 30 years and improved it technologically.

All well and good, but not enough. We ignored the third world and improved only our own global neighborhoods although we did improve in the latter half of the last century, but, apparently, not enough. Payback time is here!

Here I wish to insert the first amendment:

1. Freedom of Speech.

The freedom to be able to say or write what I want on my blog site and to invite whoever I wish to post here without restraint.

I invite all my friends who have something to get off their chests about the Middle East crisis and the spread of Islamofacism to submit their posts by email for consideration and if they are clean enough I will post them on the blog site.

2. Freedom of Expression

The freedom to say what you feel without feeling guilty about whether you are treading on someones feelings. Political correctness is out!

Political correctness was invented by left wing liberals and was the worst invention of the 20th Century. I want to be able to say what is on my mind in the same plain language that I use with my friends without having to answer to any "Human Rights Commission".

So lets all wake up and start getting the word out. We do not want to be Muslims, dhimmis, or any other ferkakter (sic) Islamic label. This is our world, we improved our part of it let them with our hard earned petro-dollars improve their part. I don't want some sheet-head arriving in my country and telling me what to do, I say to them the same as the Australians (bless 'em) "if you don't like the way I live get the hell out!"

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dude said...

dude talk is cheap.we all know the problems.the question is...whats your solution??