Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mumbai memories


Mike Packer

Well, so here we have another Islamic Jihadist attack on innocent people in a country that was established on the basis of peaceful demonstration.

Mahatma Ghandi must be turning over in his grave over the use of terrorism in Mumbai.

But thanks to the advent of multiculturalism the perpetrators are vindicated as "poor oppressed muslims". It is this multiculturalism that has bred the terrorists of the 21st Century and until the west realizes what is happening it will, undoubtedly, be too late.

The western concept of the 21st Century is still nesting in the middle 20th Century. Today's terrorist is not a lackey of some war lord in Mydumbistan but a modern, western educated, middle class MUSLIM (and I shout that out so that the UN can accuse me of illegal speech!). These terrorists are religious/ideologically motivated individuals who know exactly what they are doing and enjoy it. They target Jewish institutions and unarmed clergy and throw in a few other western victims for the media hype. The problem is they are getting better at it.

They have also become sadistic. What earthly reason is there for torturing bound prisoners in such a way that even the medical staff who did the autopsies were affected by the sight. Multiculturalists will tell us that is because of the humiliations of Al Ghraib or Gitmo, but they were humiliations causing loss of prestige not physical abuse causing loss of blood. Torturing prisoners is a crime not only in war but in peace time too. These terrorists have no rights to a fair trial but should be summarily executed for they have forfeited the right to be considered human.

The time has come for the west to remove the kid gloves, ignore left wing multiculturalists, and get down to work. Pakistan must be brought to task for the aid it is rendering to the mujahadeen and stop turning a blind eye to what is happening in their back country. What will we say when Pakistan decides to arm some terrorist organization with nuclear weapons? against whom will we retaliate? if it isn't already too late.

How long will we kowtow to all the Ahmedinejad's of the oriental world before we decide that our way of life is OURS and not theirs. Live and let live. If they are jealous of our lifestyle then they are free to join us on our terms! we do not have to worry about their lifestyles they have enough petrodollars to improve themselves without our help.

Caroline Glick's post of Dec.4 ended with the following:

"SOME COMMENTATORS dismiss the danger emanating from the global jihad by noting that its global designs are not matched by global capabilities. They argue that when the West finally decides to defeat the jihadists, they will be utterly vanquished.

Unfortunately, this view ignores two things. It ignores the fact that the jihadists are devoting all of their energies to improving and expanding their capacity to fight their war. And it ignores the fact that the multiculturalists' influence is growing steadily and has repeatedly stymied Western attempts to confront the jihadist threat head-on. Unless something changes soon, the consequences of the jihadist-multicultural alliance will be suffered by millions and millions of people."

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