Saturday, June 12, 2010


By Mike Packer

Firstly I would like to thank Robert J.Avrech of Seraphic Secret for imbuing in me a little motivation. He and his family are an inspiration to us all and I am honored to have come across his blog.

Secondly I won't write about Helen Thomas as others have lowered their standards enough to give her a platform.

And now we come to the meat of the subject, I read a newsletter today from Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors a blogsite that I came across due to the untimely death of my friend Tsafrir Ronen z"l. I am always happy to get their newsletter although the content does not always allow much happiness through no fault of the writers.

. Yesterdays newsletter by M.K. Dr. Arieh Eldad was about reassessing American/Israeli (A/I) relations. He starts his piece about how Rabin and Kissinger bashed heads in 1975 but then goes on to say that the current A/I crisis has to be re-evaluated, but lets get back to this a little further down.

Here I would like to evaluate Americas current administrations behavior in recent weeks. Lets start in chronological order with the building of a steel wall on the border between Egypt and Gaza:

I presume that you, informed reader, know that Egypt has imposed its own blockade of Gaza because it is scared of the Hamas mafia ruling that cursed strip of land on the Mediterranean coast. Well America, in its magnanimous generosity, offered to assist Egypt to the tune of half a billion dollars and the Army Corps of Engineers. Due to Hamas interference and assistance from Iran and Hizbollah this American assistance has now been removed and the Corps recalled bringing Egypt's blockade to its demise, that incident is covered by Debkafile here, this brings the blockade down to Israeli enforcement and causes B.H.Obama to call that blockade "unsustainable".

Hmmmm, things are starting to smell fishy.

Washington is now pressuring Israel to include International observers in an investigating committee over the "peace flotilla" incident. According to Debkafile this is offering Bibi Netanyahu a loaded gun so he can commit domestic political suicide. Now if that constitutes gross meddling in the affairs of another sovereign country and a loyal ally at that what does? I would urge Bibi not to accept because we were well within our rights to apply that blockade and the investigation committee should be an internal one so that we can bring our Minister of Defense to justice.

Hmmm, things are starting to positively stink.

Now how about these sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN? who is going to confirm that these sanctions are being obeyed by all UN member countries? What methods will be used to enforce these sanctions?

Well, how about a maritime blockade? ooops! sorry, that's illegal isn't it, I mean no one is at war with Iran, yet, right? So you big windbags in the UN, US, EU with your holier-than-thou attitudes what's your answer? will you go the way of Israel, G-d forbid, will you shake your index finger at the ayatollahs and say "don't be bad boys,now". Nah, you won't do a thing because you don't have the manhood for it, you will never put your mouth where your money is you will leave it to the Jews to fight your battles for you as they have been for the last 40 years!!! and then condemn them for doing so.

So Mr. Obama, you got your sanctions now what are you going to do with them, I hope that you don't come looking to us for help because you might get your sorry ass kicked all the way home!

So to get back to reassessment in the light of what I have written above. Why should Israel trust the American administration anymore? They have reneged on their promises to curtail smuggling across the Sinai border by implementing Egypt's blockade and then abrogating their responsibilities . They have stabbed Israel in the back with their so-called support in the UN on the "peace flotilla".

Which brings me all back to the following:

Koran 3:28 :
Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination.

This is loosely translated to mean that you should not befriend non-believers and is one of the bedrock surahs of Islam.
Well, now what have we to say about the US adminstration not living up to its written or verbal agreements with Israel since Barak Hussein Obama was elected into office.

Sorry America you just aren't a reliable friend anymore

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