Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remove the Platform


Mike Packer

This week in New York, specifically at the United Nations building, there was a gathering of heads of state of the member nations of that "august" body. Speaking at this meeting of the General Council was "Mad" Mahmoud from Iran who was trying to foist the blame for the events of 9/11 on anyone except the followers of Islam.

This speech of "Mad" Mahmoud's was covered by an article in the Wall Street Journal and commented on in a blog site that I subscribe to called you can read it here.

For the sake of this blog I would like to quote from FresnoZionism and expand on it a little. In effect Fresno was just commenting and one of his reactions to "Mad" Mahmoud was:

"How should we react? He could have been dragged from the stage and beaten viciously, then thrown into a filthy cell and held hostage until they surrender their uranium (and incidentally release the two young hostages they are holding)."

I couldn't agree more! The statement shouldn't have been just wishful thinking but a reality.

Imagine, if you will Dear Reader, the standing ovation UN security officials would have received if they had done just that and handed MM to US federal Authorities to be incarcerated at the nearby facility of Rykers Island.

Imagine how that would be received in Teheran when they realize that the public platform that they have come to rely on has just been pulled out from under their feet. Imagine what kind of message that will transmit to all the rest of those Camel jockies out there who think they have the world by the proverbial short and curlies.

Islamists have been rubbing our noses in our own laws! They don't respect our statutes because they don't consider them Divine laws but they will use them against us and the UN is the tool that they use laughing up their sleeves all the way to the podium. We, of course, encourage them by printing their every word in our MSM as if they have the right of free speech in our countries. In my humble opinion they don't have that right it has to be earned by first letting others enjoy it.

The time is long past when the Islamist Terrorists be cut off from any news media outlet to the western world, let them air their invective on their own news media transmitted into their own countries where they can do us no harm. The radical Imams implanted in western countries should have their pulpits monitored and pay the price for their sedition which should not be protected under Freedom of Religion statutes. Sedition is not a religion, yet.
Arab visitors to our western nations should be accompanied by our security agencies wherever they go just as our countrymen are escorted when they visit Arab nations. This might just curtail the transfer of "black" money to all of the radical imams in our lands and cut off their funding.

It is time to learn from their tactics and bring them to bear in our countries just as they try to do in theirs. The time for being politically correct is gone. It went out with the rubble from 9/11.

You better believe that racial profiling is the only way to go....learn to live with it!

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